My Amazing Saturday

Timeline created by Achu1234
  • Waking up

    I woke up at around 8 in the morning and had breakfast with my family. Breakfast was eggs and bread with some milk and apple slices. Breakfast really tastes good when you are starving in the morning.
  • Homework

    After breakfast I did my homework that I was assigned to do for the weekend. Then as usual I practiced the piano . Practicing the piano and finishing my homework took me around 2 hours to finish. After all the hard work that I did, I went to watch some television and relax.
  • Lunch

    After doing all my homework and watching some television I went out for lunch. My family and I went to McDonalds to eat. Even though McDonalds is unhealthy I had no choice because I had to go kayaking after lunch. Then after eating two small burgers and some fries at McDonalds my family and I left the fast food restaurant.
  • Kayaking

    After lunch my dad drove me to Lake Wilcox where I would meet my scout troop to go kayaking. When we arrived to the lake ,I had to help to set up the boats and equipment we were going to play with. Next our scout troop had to take a mini lesson on how to kayak and what to do if we fall into the water. Finally after all the lessons and setting up we went to kayak. Since the wind was blowing hard ,it made us paddle hard as well. Lots of scouts including me fell into the water but we were safe.
  • Drawing class

    After a fun experience of kayaking it was time to do some learning. My dad drove me to my drawing class place and I got out my painting tools and drawing pencils.I was ready to learn. In this course we were learning to paint with advance technique. We were working on our mountain lion painting. At the end of class I was almost finished.
  • Dinner

    After drawing class, I was really hungry. So my dad drove out to buy some food from a local Chinese restaurant. Within half of a hour all the food was gone. The food was delicious. Then my dad, brother and I got our badminton racquets and clothes to get ready to play at night.
  • Badminton

    After dinner my dad drove my brother and I for us to play badminton at St. Augustine CHS. We are part of a badminton club called Markham Badminton Club. We play every Saturday night. Then after 3 whole hours of rotating turns on playing games ,the three of us ,dead tired, went home to shower.
  • Sleep

    Finally after all the activities that I did today I can rest. After saying good night to my mom and dad I jumped on to my bed and before I knew it Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.