Music Through My Life

Timeline created by alyssa.christensen
  • Playskool Casette Player

    Playskool Casette Player
    Even as a toddler, I was rocking out to all the best tunes.
  • Inherited Waterproof Walkman

    Inherited Waterproof Walkman
    As a kid my mom let me use her bright yellow waterproof Walkman. My dad would make me mix tapes of all his favorites.
  • Hit Clips

    Hit Clips
    Hit clips were possibly the stupidest invention but they were also the coolest things to happen to music.
  • CD/Casette Boombox

    CD/Casette Boombox
    I used this boombox every day until it died.
  • Portable CD Player

    Portable CD Player
    When my dad finally gave up his notion that CDs weren't the future, I got a portable cd player. These were terrible because any movement caused the CD to skip.
  • Creative Zen Micro

    Creative Zen Micro
    My first MP3 player is still the one I regard as the best.
  • iPod Nano

    iPod Nano
    I was so excited to finally get an actual iPod. I had it engraved and everything.
  • iPod Touch

    iPod Touch
    My iPod Touch was super cool because it made me feel like I had a smartphone.
  • 1950s Tube Record Player

    1950s Tube Record Player
    I inherited my grandma's 50's tube record player just after high school. This was the start of my vinyl obsession. I only stopped using it because the tubes finally gave out and they are really hard to find.
  • Portable Crosley Turntable

    Portable Crosley Turntable
    My first modern record player. I use a similar version in my classroom.
  • Audio Technica Turntable

    Audio Technica Turntable
    My current music system allows for vinyl records as well as digital music streaming