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In Music
  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace
    *Popular religious hymn *Author John Newton, a former slave-trader *song was sung by all and still is
  • Silent Night

    Silent Night
    *Author: Franz Gruber *Surge of Christmas music *Chrismas was redefined and included caroling, evergreens trees, exchanging gifts, and Christmas cards
  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home
    *Became popular as a result of opera Clari *Author and actor John Howard Payne*
  • William Tell Overture

    William Tell Overture
    *Became theme song for western "The Lone Ranger" *Composer: Gioacchino Rossini
  • America

    *A patriotic song is also known as "My Country Tis of Thee" *Author: Reverend Samuel F. Smith * Time when American had many conflicts and victories
  • Alphabet Song

    Alphabet Song
    *Written by Charles Bradlee *Nursery rhymes became popular to help children learn the alphabet.
  • Camptown Races

    Camptown Races
    *Family sing-a-longs in the pioneer days *Written by Stephen Foster