Munro Art Deco Timeline ART 623

Timeline created by Michael Munro
  • Transportation Building

    Transportation Building
    Designed by Louis Sullivan, the Transportation Building was actually very colorful in order to accentuate the different shapes and lines that decorate its exterior.
  • The Peacock Skirt

    The Peacock Skirt
    Created by Aubrey Beardsley, one of the early influences of the art deco movement. This particular piece was designed for Oscar Wilde.
  • Arts et décoration publication started in France

    Arts et décoration publication started in France
    Magazines in France start to treat decorative artists as artists instead of craftsmen and the Arts et décoration is one of the first publications to treat the topic seriously.
  • Bracket by Josef Hoffmann

    Bracket by Josef Hoffmann
    Josef Hoffmann was considered one of the founders of the Art Deco movement. Here we can see one of his designs in a bracket full of decoration.
  • Stoclet Palace

    Stoclet Palace
    Stoclet Palace was built by Josef Hoffmann in Brussels. It took six years to complete and is considered one of the first buildings designed with the Art Deco style.
  • Panthère Noire et Jaguar

    Panthère Noire et Jaguar
    Jean Dunand was a lacquer artist of the Art Deco movement. He trained under a Japanese artist which explains many of the themes in his work.
  • Chariot Chest

    Chariot Chest
    Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann was a famous furniture designer. This piece displays the sharp lines and delicate detail that was a part of Art Deco design.
  • Club Chair

    Club Chair
    Another example of the aesthetic lines and curves used to merge the decorative with the utilitarian.
  • Istar Ida Rubinstein as Istar

    Istar Ida Rubinstein as Istar
    Leon Bakst was famous for his costume designs and set pieces used in the theater.
  • Victoire by René Lalique

    Victoire by René Lalique
    This glass hood ornament for an automobile represents an early example of the Art Deco style and how it grew around the celebration of motorized transportation.
  • Chrysler Building

    Chrysler Building
    The Chrysler Building is another example of Art Deco in architecture. It stands in New York and was constructed by Walter Chrysler.
  • Normandie

    Normandie is just one example of a poster created by one of the most famous Art Deco poster artists, A. M. Cassandre.
  • Young Lady With Gloves

    Young Lady With Gloves
    Painted by Tamara de Lempicka, "Young Lady With Gloves" is an example of the art deco style in oil painting.
  • Sur la Terrasse

    Sur la Terrasse
    Georges Lepape's work reflects the sharp angles of the art deco movement. His work has appeared in posters, paintings, and the cover of Vogue magazine.
  • The Mackay Emerald Pendant

    The Mackay Emerald Pendant
    Created by Louis Cartier, a famous designer in Paris.
  • Automobiles

    Art Deco celebrated the age of the motor vehicle. This picture is from the Delahaye Delahaye auto company.
  • Allegorie du Tissu

    Allegorie du Tissu
    This work, by Jean Dupas, is another example of the stylized, elongated figures that were iconic to the art deco movement.
  • Anton Skislewicz: Breakwater Hotel

    Anton Skislewicz: Breakwater Hotel
    The Breakwater Hotel is just one of many buildings in South Beach Miami's Art Deco District.
  • Ozon Opus

    Ozon Opus
    Though often considered Mid-Century Modernism. Ozon Opus was designed by Le Corbusier, an architect, who is often credited as a founder of the art deco movement.
  • Salome by Erté

    Salome by Erté
    Romain de Tirtoff was a famous art deco artist from Russia. His skill was such that he was able to create and sell art deco inspired pieces long after the movement faded.