Migration in China

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  • Hong Kong leased to U.K

  • China becomes communist 'Mao Zedong'

    (life expectancy 36)
  • country life poor

    84% of people live in country, high poverty, low life expectancy (43), low inequality
  • Mao Zedong dies and is replaced by Deng Xiaping

    Mao Zedong dies and is replaced by Deng Xiaping
    'Market Socialism' introduced for the economy opening up China to foreign investment and free market compared to central planning (government owned).
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

    e.g. Shanghai, Shenzhen (based on H.K.)
    Areas with free market economics aiming to boost manufacturing industry (Secondary)
  • 2000s

    So far, 52% of people in cities and continuing.
    Movement of Han Chinese to Xinjiang to reduce % of Uighur (11 million) ethnic minority
    Life Expectancy 72 years
  • Counter Urbanisation

    Movement of people from large cities to smaller towns and cities: some inland e.g. Chengdu (Sichuan)
  • NOW

    Life expectancy 76 years.
    The Uighur Muslims are being detained in the Western Xinjiang Region .
  • Current Statistics for China

    52% urban, income in city $7026 and $2584 rural, Life expectancy 13 years lower in poorest rural areas than Shanghai.
  • Period: to

    Migration in China

  • Period: to

    GPD per capita

    The Gross Domestic Product per capita was 89.52 USD in 1960, 194.80 USD in 1980, 959.37 USD in 2000 and 8,826.99 in 2018
  • Period: to


    Rapid economic growth in the SEZs and eastern coastal provinces (BOOM) "Made in China"
    Rapid migration to cities '160 million'
    Life Expectancy 66