Michael Jordan A Biography 160 pages Non-fiction

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  • Chapter 1. Pages 1-23

    This chapter talks about how Jordan was raised and then it goes in to him starting high school. Then collage, Then in Junior year of collage Jordan leaves to join the NBA and it talks about how he won a gold medal in the Olympics.
  • Chapter 2 pages 23-44

    In this chapter it talks about his carrer in the NBA. The first few pages it talks about how he lead the Chicago bulls to winning there first 3 games.Then it talks about how Jordan wins his first Scoring title. And then it talks about how Jodan goes to the All-Strar Dunk Contest. and he wins first place.
  • Chapters 3 pages 45-76

    This chapter starts off with Jordan scoring his 10,000th point against The 76ers. Then it talks about how Jordan gets married to a women named Juanita. Then this chapter ends with Jordan leading the Bulls to the NBA title and Jordan wins the NBA MVP award also.
  • Chapters 4 Pages 78-99

    At the beggining on this chapter it talks about how Jordan won another NBA MVP award the following year. Then Jordan goes to the Olympics again in Spain. It says that Jordan lead the chicago bulls to becoming the first team ever to win 3 consecutive NBA titles. Then at the end of this chapter it says that Jordan announces that he is Retiring.
  • Chapter 5 Pages 100-126

    Jordan starts to play in the MLB. He doesn't like it too much so he annouced again that he was going back to Chicago for basketball. Then he leads Chicago to another NBA title but Jordan didn't win NBA MVP.Then in 1997 Jordan wins The NBA MVP award again.
  • Chapter 6 pages 126-148

    In 1999 Jordan Retired for the second time. And he is 99.9% sure he won't play basketball again. Then in 2000 he becomes part owner of the Washington Wizards. And he joins there team. But they lost against Los Angles in his first year coming back. Then he is tranning all summer for the second comback with the wizards. But the biggest and best part about this chapter was when Jordan was hurt and sick. But he didnt give up and still played the game and averaged 22.2 points.
  • Chapter 7 Pages 127-160

    In this last chapter it talks about how Jordan retires for the last time and he isn't going to go back. but now he spends time with his family and he golfs. He also does charity work and is a great father.