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  • Early childhood Ages 1-4

    I was born on April 4th, 2005 in Miami, FL. I went to Booker T. Washington Tumbling Tornado Pre- School. The Pre-School was in Booker T. Washington Senior High School and ran by my mom who has a degree in Early Childhood. When I became 2 years old my family and I moved to a bigger house near county line road where I currently live today.
  • Beginning of Primary School Pt. 1 Ages 5-6

    My first year of primary school I attended Parkway Elementary then when I graduated into kindergarten I went to Norwood Elementary. In 2011 Niel Fleary, my uncle/godfather died and it hurt me tremendously. He lived in Trinidad and Tobago but he had a house in St. Croix that he inherited through my grandmother Versil Fleary. I then inherited the house from my uncle. He told my mom that his dying wish to keep the house in the family. During that time I was also sexually assaulted at the age of 6.
  • Beginning of Primary School Pt. 2 Ages 7-8

    Trayvon Martin died on February 26, 2012. His death was due to racism and he was never served justice due to our corrupt system. His death enlightened me so much on racism and discrimination against people of color and the truth about America. When I turned 7 years old my family and I went to Trinidad & Tobago then St.Croix. This was my first time traveling outside of the U.S. and it exposed me to so much. Life would be way different in those countries but I would love every second of it
  • Transition into Middle School Pt.1 Ages 9-11

    During 3rd-5th I joined a club called D.I.V.A.S. (Determined Individuals who Value Achievement and Success).This club gave me a sense of sisterhood, leadership, and responsibility. I became a leader of my school with a reputation. I also played Soccer for my community team. I attended Andover Middle School and joined the Girls Basketball, my position was Small Forward and I was team captain. My love for space science hit it's peak and I had decided that I wanted to be an Astrophysicist.
  • Transition into Middle School Pt.2 Ages 12-13

    I realized that I loved school activities and being active so much that in 7th grade I made the dance team and ran for Parliamentarian of the Student Government. Being Parliamentarian taught me a lot about fairness and handling tough situations. It turned me into the perfect mediator. I became well-known throughout Andover and most of my peers admired me. But unfortunately it also caused some people to bully me. I was even told to commit suicide. But I kept smiling and spreading good vibes.
  • Transition into High School Pt.1 Ages 14-15

    I was really excited in 8th grade because high school was coming up. I prepared myself by taking 10th grade classes and applying to magnet programs early. I joined the dance team again and i took things a step further by running for President of the school. My 8th grade year didn't end well because in the midst of defending a friend from some bullies, a full soda can was throw at my back and it left a nasty purple bruise. Despite all of this I held my head high knowing I did the right thing.
  • Transition into High School Pt.2 Ages 14-15

    I was finally able to attend Booker T. Washington Senior High School as a freshman. I joined the Girl’s Varsity Volleyball team and played the right-side position. Sadly I got 5-7 concussions and I couldn’t play the rest of the season. But I did make a speedy recovery. I love community service and helping others so I joined a program called Achieve Miami, my friends and I would go to Frederick Douglass Elementary School and assist the kids with sharpening their reading skills.
  • This Summer Current Age (15)

    I wanted to get a summer internship to give me the experience of applying for a job like making a resume and being interviewed. I applied for an internship with the S.O.U.L. Sisters Leadership Collective. l did research on the organization and I couldn't wait to apply. I love meeting new people from different backgrounds, I love community service, I love fighting against discrimination, and most importantly uplifting others. I've met so many cool people and learned a ton of new things.