Medici and Patronage

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  • 1201

    Chiarissimo de Medici appears in Florentine records

  • 1294

    Anolfo di Cambio's design of Santa Maria del Fiore

  • 1296

    Ardingo de Medici becomes gonfaloniere

  • 1299

    Guccio de Medici becomes gonfaloniere

  • 1314

    Averardo de Medici becomes gonfaloniere

  • 1320

    Dante Alighieri completes the Divine Comedy

  • 1340

    Banks of Bardi, Peruzzi and Acciaiuoli collapse

  • 1343

    Giovanni de Medici leads the war on Lucca

  • 1347

    Black Death arrives in Europe

  • 1353

    Giovanni Boccaccio completes the Decameron

  • 1360

    Giovanni di Bicci de Medici born

  • 1374

    Petrarch finishes Il Canzoniere

  • 1377

    Filippo Brunelleschi born

  • 1378

    Salvestro de Medici becomes gonfaloniere - ciompi revolt

  • 1388

    Vieri de Medici takes over the Bank

  • 1389

    Cosimo de Medici born

  • 1396

    Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Michelozzi born

  • 1397

    Medici Bank founded

  • 1401

    Giovanni di Bicci serves on a panel to judge a competition to create new bronze doors for the Baptistery

    Giovanni de Bicci chose Lorenzo Ghiberti and started the practice of patronage. This also opened his eyes to something greater than finance.
  • 1402

    The Medici finance a cloth business

  • 1402

    Giovanni di Bicci joins the Guild of Bankers and serves on the Signoria

  • 1402

    Giovanni di Bicci befriends Cardinal Baldassare Cossa

  • 1410

    Medici become Papal Bankers

    Baldassare Cossa became Pope John XXIII, however the Catholic Church regards him as an antipope, as he opposed Pope Gregory XII whom the Catholic Church now recognizes as the rightful successor of Saint Peter.
  • 1414

    Council of Constance

    The Great Schism was when three people claimed the Papal throne - the Holy Roman Emperor kept this council to decide the Pope. Giovanni sent Cosimo, his son to represent the Medici Bank but the Medici lost the Papal account as Cossa was stripped of the Papacy.
  • 1415

    Cosimo de Medici gets a seat in the Signoria

  • 1416

    Cosimo marries Contessina - now owns Palazzo Bardi

  • 1416

    Piero di Cosimo de Medici is born

  • 1417

    Cosimo de Medici gets a seat in the Signoria

  • 1418

    Brunelleschi wins the competition for the dome of Santa Maria Del Fiore

  • 1419

    Giovanni di Bicci commissions Michelozzo and Donatello to create a tomb for Cossa

    This tomb in Baptistery of Florence was one of the earliest examples of the Early Renaissance style.
  • 1419

    Giovanni di Bicci forms a public committee to commission the Ospedale degli Innocenti

    Starts the Medici-Brunelleschi association. Earliest example of the Early Renaissance style.
  • 1420

    Cosimo de Medici and his brother Lorenzo take over the Bank from Giovanni di Bicci

  • 1421

    Giovanni di Bicci becomes gonfaloniere

  • 1421

    Giovanni di Bicci commissions the rebuilding of the Church of San Lorenzo

    Brunelleschi was again commissioned to rebuild this Medici clan traditional church.
  • 1424

    Medici Bank become Papal Bankers again

  • 1428

    Giovanni di Bicci de Medici dies

  • 1428

    Brunelleschi starts designing the renovation of San Spirito

  • 1430

    Carlo di Cosimo de Medici, Cosimo's illegitimate son is born

  • 1430

    Palazzo Medici commissioned

    Cosimo commissions Brunelleschi to create Palazzo Medici, but chooses Michelozzo's more somber design
  • 1433

    Cosimo exiled to Venice for five years

  • 1434

    Cosimo is called back to Florence

  • 1436

    Brunelleschi completes the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore

  • 1437

    Cosimo commissions Michelozzo to refurbish the monastery of San Marco

    This was a result of the conflict between Cosimo’s faith and his worldly activities had begun to trouble his conscience; and when he was in his early forties he had a private audience with Pope Eugenius IV who suggested that to salve his conscience he could fund the rebuilding of the monastery of San Marco, and Cosimo immediately set Michelozzo to work on this project, one on
    which he would eventually spend more than 30,000 florins.
  • 1439

    Florence hosts the Ecumenical Council

    The Ecumenical Council had been called to settle the differences between the Catholic Church of Rome and the Orthodox Church of Constantinople (also known as Byzantium, now Istanbul). This led the way for scholars of Ancient Greece trapped in Constantinople to come to Florence and spread humanist ideas.
  • 1442

    Cosimo commissions the renovation of the church of San Lorenzo

  • 1444

    Medici Library founded

  • 1446

    Filippo Brunelleschi dies

  • 1449

    Lorenzo de Medici 'il magnifico' is born

  • 1452

    Leonardo da Vinci born

  • 1452

    Ghiberti completes Baptistery doors - 'Gates of Paradise'

  • 1464

    Cosimo de Medici dies

  • 1469

    Lorenzo marries Clarice Orsini - now links to the Papacy

  • 1469

    Piero di Cosimo de Medici dies

  • 1472

    Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Michelozzi dies

  • 1475

    Michelangelo Buonarroti born

  • 1478

    Pazzi conspiracy - Death of Giuliano di Piero de Medici

    Francesco de Pazzi, Bernando Bandini, Francesco Salviati, Gian Battista da Montesecco, Girolamo Riario and others planned to kill both the Medici- but Lorenzo escaped and Giulano died. This happened during Easter Mass at the Florence Cathedral.
  • 1479

    The Pope attacks Florence and issues a papal bull of excommunication

  • 1480

    Lorenzo moves to Pisa and Naples

  • 1482

    Lorenzo recommends da Vinci to the Duke of Milan; Leonardo moves to Milan for fifteen years

  • 1488

    Girolamo Savonarola comes to Florence

  • 1492

    Lorenzo de Medici 'il magnifico' dies

  • 1492

    Piero di Lorenzo de Medici takes over the rule of Florence

  • 1494

    The people of Florence reject Piero and Piero is banished from Florence

    Piero surrendered the city to the French king Charles VIII
  • 1497

    Savonarola conducts the 'Bonfire of the Vanities'

  • 1498

    Savonarola executed

  • 1500

    Michelangelo returns to Florence

  • 1503

    Piero di Lorenzo de Medici dies

  • 1512

    Cardinal Giovanni di Lorenzo de Medici and his cousin Giulio retake Florence

  • 1513

    Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici becomes Pope Leo X

  • 1518

    Leo X commissions Michelangelo for the facade of San Lorenzo

  • 1519

    Leonardo da Vinci dies

  • 1520

    Michelangelo starts work on the New Sacristy

  • 1521

    Leo X dies

  • 1523

    Giulio di Giuliano de Medici becomes Pope Clement VII

  • 1527

    Pope Leo X commissions Michelangelo to create the Medici tombs

  • 1527

    The Sack of Rome

  • 1527

    Medici ousted from Florence yet again

  • 1530

    Alessandro de' Medici made Duke of Florence

  • 1533

    Caterina de Medici marrie Henri de Valois, French prince

  • 1534

    Clement VII dies

  • 1537

    Cosimo I Duke of Florence takes over rule of Florence

  • 1537

    Alessandro de' Medici, Duke of Florence dies

  • 1541

    Cosimo I commissions the Boboli Gardens

  • 1564

    Michelangelo Buonarroti dies

  • 1581

    Cosimo I commissions the Uffizi

  • The Medici line ends

  • Facade of Santa Maria Del Fiore completed with the design of Emilio de Fabris