Media Technology

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  • Macintosh

    Throughout this production, many technologies were used to allow for the best presentation possible in an online format in the form of a blog. This comes to the first piece of technology used in this production which was the Macintosh, a computer by Apple which allows for easier designing and usage by users because of it's interface which came in handy for the creation of this blog.
    The Macintosh was used throughout the whole of the production from the start to deadline day
  • Blogger

    Blogger, something which allows you to create your own blog under their name. This is the main blog page used for all of our work to be submitted for our tutors to see and evaluate and is where everything is posted for all to see, in a structured format where pages are set up for the Research, Planning, Construction and this Evaluation.
  • Google Chrome

    Google Chrome
    Google Chrome is the internet browser used simply through preference and being familiar with the usage. This browser allows us to search the web, post our blog and work online and download images among other things to aid with the production and any browser would be needed for these tasks.
  • Pinterest

    Pinterest was a good website to log creative ideas and inspirations we have from other music videos and Media which can contribute to the production of our own music video and helps us reference back to these ideas at any time. This was used in the research stage of our production as we needed to evaluate other music videos for ideas and conventions to follow, challenge and develop upon for our own production.
  • Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Word is a word processor used and published on slideshare to construct descriptive pieces of text for work such as my advert analysis on the Foo Fighter and The Gaslight Anthem as well as my Digipak analysis on the Kings of Leon and more. All of these pieces of workrequired text to be read to fully understand interpretations. This format was not used so much later due to the limitations and creativeness on the presentation and is used to test a range of different presentation methods.
  • SlideShare

    Slideshare is a great way to embed files on Blogger from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats as Blogger does not originally allow you to post these. This has been useful throughout the production for this reason and simply adds another piece of technology which we used to present our work.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Powerpoint was used as another form of presentation on the blog and allowed a lot more creativity in comparison to Microsoft Word and really allowed points to be given an example through screenshots of videos in the Detailed Music Analysis' of songs and served really well being presented on slideshare. Microsoft PowerPoint is definitely something great for presentation however it lacks attention to detail in some text due to space which was worked around as best as possible.
  • Prezi

    Prezi was a new and interesting method of presenting work found first in AS. It allows more freedom for creative design in terms of the graphics you can place on the screen however it does have a lot of restrictions in regards to text so it wasn't the most chosen method of presentation and was used for one of the 9 nine frame analysis'
  • Padlet

    Padlet was a newly discovered website, much like a blog however condensed very much in regards to space and the amount of things you can have displayed at once and it was greatly used to produce our mind map of ideas. It was generally very useful and easy to use with both of us able to customize and edit our Padlet wall whenever we wish and add to our ideas which helped us when creating our production, being able to go back and look at our plans.
  • Google Drive

    Google Drive
    Google Drive was very useful for allowing us to construct a questionnaire, in regards to the audience research we were doing and overall this piece of technology allowed us to get our first piece of feedback from the general public outside of the Media lessons and what changes we can make as well justifications for using certain ideas in our production.
  • Canon EOS 600D

    Canon EOS 600D
    This is the camera used for filming our production and can record up to 1080p with different frame rates, altered depending on the shot and editing we planned to use.
  • FontZone

    FontZone was a website used to explore new font options as when we use Photoshop, we have a limited amount of fonts to choose from and websites like this and dafont allow us to expand and be more creative with the font.
  • Photoshop

    Photoshop was touched on briefly at the beginning of this production in order to learn some useful effects we could implement into our ancillary texts. Photoshop is a graphics editor, used mainly in the Construction part of our production. It was the main editing software used for our ancillary text through the use of moving images around, editing pictures with effects and filters as well as mainpulating layers to make the perspective of what you see for the Digipak and Advert different,
  • Final Cut Pro X

    Final Cut Pro X
    Final Cut Pro X is the editing software used to edit all the videos in our production and is the main piece of software used in the Construction part of production. This ranges from taking rough cuts and rendering them as well as collecting the clips and progressively editing them into our final product.
  • Wix

    Wix is another blog creator, much like Blogger however it's design is set out like an actual website and can look a lot more pfoessional image. So this was used as the viewing platform for our evaluation and it has served it really well, showcasing each question with a variety of different media technology which is what was required of us.
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