Timeline created by Nathan Rhoton
  • Birth

    I was born on to this earth, this day.
  • Conscious

    This is around the earliest day that I can remember. It started with a dream, I dreamed about a red sky with volcanoes. I felt like I was burning up, then I woke up, and went to the bathroom to throw up. This was also the earliest day I can remember having a fever.
  • Mesa Pediatrics

    mesapedsAround this day was when I went to Mesa pediatrics (childerens hospital) for may fever or something. All I remember was going there and throwing up.Mesa Pediatrics was also were my mom worked.
  • First Day of Scool

    Gilbert Elementary On my first day of school was at Gilbert Elementary. Like every day I hated going to school, and felt that it was a waste of time. Now I hate going to school, but I don't think its a waste of time.
  • Framed!

    On this day I got in trouble for "Yelling at some girl, or something." Even then when I was bratty, I would never yell at some one to be mean. Also the girl had no proof or witnesses, the teachers still sided with her... But Gilbert Elementary wasn't so bad.
  • Xcom

    cool PictureXCOM!!!Around this day i found one of my most favorite games... Xcom. Xcom is a turn based video game. you play as "The Comander." your objective is to defeat and anilait the alien invaders.
  • First day at Jr. High

    Mesquite Jr. HighAll I remember from this day is that it was a pain. Everyone had to get a blue or red schedule (incase classes changed). It was so crowded.
  • Best friends

    Around this day, I got my best friends. We met through one of my other good friends (now best friend). and we've been friends sinces. Although they go to a different school we still keep in touch from time to time.
  • First day at Jr. High again

    On this day, not only did I have to go through getting a scedual but on my way to it, I tripped over my own foot...
  • First day of High School

    Mesquite HighThe first day of high school wasn't so bad. I was extreamly nurves. I didn't witch is a plus. but throughout the rest of the day was good.
  • Freshman Prom

    Around this day was prom (freshman dance). I went to prom with a friend. But in my opinion it was boring. I'm not much of a dancer so there wasn't very much to do.
  • Finals

    The finals were really stresful. the though the if you failed finals the pretty scarey for me. considering the fact that if you did failed you would have to retake that semester.
  • New years

    new years count downthe new years went well. the world didn't end, there were fire works, we watch some tv. so the new years in all was fun.
  • the new semester

    cool Picturethe new semester of school wasn't so bad. besides the fact that we had to start going back to school, it was ok. the first day back was laid back a little.