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  • Father birth

    Father birth
    William's father William McKinley Sr was born in Pine township Pennsylvania and was an iron manufacturer.
  • Mother birth date

    Mother birth date
    Nancy Campbell Allison is born is Lisbon, Ohio
  • Birth date

    Birth date
    William McKinley is born in Niles, Ohio.
  • Teaching

    McKinley becomes a teacher after dropping out of college
  • No more teaching

    No more teaching
    McKinley stops teaching to join the army during the civil war
  • Civil war ends

    Civil war ends
    McKinley is honorably discharged with the rank of captain once the civil war ends
  • School

    William McKinley went to Poland, Ohio for grade and high school then went to Allegheny college for law but did not graduate.
  • Law

    McKinley becomes a successful lawyer for not finishing college after leaving the army
  • Marriage

    Before going to house of representatives McKinley married Ida Saxton in Niles, Ohio
  • First child

    First child
    Williams' first child Katherine McKinley is born in Niles, Ohio
  • Second child

    Second child
    Williams' second child Ida McKinley is born in Niles, Ohio
  • Tragedy in the family

    Tragedy in the family
    Ida McKinley is killed at the age of 1 from a disease
  • Another Tragedy

    Another Tragedy
    Katherine McKinley dies at the age of 3 after getting sick
  • The house

    The house
    McKinley enters the house of representatives
  • Finally it's over

    Finally it's over
    McKinley loses the house after seven terms
  • First Vice president

    First Vice president
    Garret Augustus Hobart is his Vice president
  • Inauguration

    William McKinley is inaugurated as president
  • Dingley tariff act is passed

    Dingley tariff act is passed
    The Dingley Tariff is passed and puts a higher price on tobbaco
  • Erdman arbitration act

    Erdman arbitration act
    The Erdman arbitration act is passed which prohibits interstate carriers from discriminating against union laborers
  • Volunteer army act

    Volunteer army act
    The Volunteer army act is passed letting anyone volunteer for military service
  • War revenue act

    War revenue act
    The war revenue act is passed which increased taxes for the Spanish American war
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Annexation of Hawaii
    McKinley annexed Hawaii adding it to the property of the U.S
  • Spanish American war

    Spanish American war
    William was reluctant to declare war on Spain and that gave him the nickname wobbly willie
  • First Vice president dies

    First Vice president dies
    Garret Augustus Hobart dies and is replaced
  • New Vice president

    New Vice president
    Theodore Roosevelt becomes new Vice president after previous one dies
  • Gold standard act

    Gold standard act
    The gold standard act is passed which established gold as the only standard for redeeming paper money
  • Territory of Hawaii

    Territory of Hawaii
    The territory of Hawaii is established 2 years after being annexed
  • Buried

    William McKinley is buried in Canton, Ohio after being assassinated
  • Death

    McKinley is assassinated in Buffalo New York while giving a speech
  • Five hundred dollar bill

    Five hundred dollar bill
    The first five hundred dollar bill is made with McKinley face on it