Mathematics Education History

Timeline created by Karmen Yu
In History
  • First Chair in education established at University of Halle

  • Colburn published innovative arithmetic textbook based on Pestalozzi's pedagogy

  • First Professorship in Education in University of Iowa

  • Math ed. was founded as a field of study

    early 20th Century
  • Idea of International Commisssion first proposed

  • International Commission was founded

  • Experimental study of different methods of subtraction (First Education Thesis)

  • First Doctoral degree in Math Ed.

  • Made case of transfer of "disciplinary value" of mathematics

  • First Peaceful Meeting of Mathematicians and Mathematics Educators

  • First International Congress on Mathematical Education

  • Period: to

    Martin Ohm publish works based on mathematics as a system of relations between operations

  • Period: to

    Integration of pyschology into math