Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • Birth

    Martin Luther King Jr. was born on Janurary 15th, 1929.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    This is the speech that King presented after Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white person. King urges and persues the crowd that had just voted to boycott the busses to continue this movement and campaign. He was absolutely motivated for humiliation of African Americans to end. Here is a copy of the address he proudly gave.
  • Southern Christian Leader Conference

    As sixtey black ministers and civil rights leaders all met in Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King was one of them. He was chosen as the first president of this group , which mainly focused on abolishing legalized segregation and ending the violeent ways that was aimed towards African Americans. Here is a photograph of Martin Luther King standing in front of the SCLC headquarters in Atlanta.
  • Birmingham Desegregation

    Here, Martin Luther King spoke to many black citizens about the philosophy of nonviolence. As more volunteers were attracted to this, people began to be arrested, but also began to disobey court orders. As the photo shows, even police dogs would attack innocent teenagers.
  • March On Washington

    In 1963, King was part of an incredible civil rights movement as he helped lead 200,000+ people to the Lincoln Memorial. Along with King, were various other groups who had formed this march in hope of gaining equality and racial justice for African Americans. Here, King also delivered his very famous speech; "I Have A Dream". This image is a copy of the original handbill that was given out in order to spread the word on the event.
  • Acceptance Speech (Nobel Peace Prize)

  • Death

    Martin Luther King Jr. passed away on April 4th, 1968.