Maria Theresa

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In History
  • Birth

    early in the morning at hofburg palace in Vienna to Charles VI and Elisabeth Christine.
  • Marriage

    Marriage to Francis Stephen after 13 days of engagement and deciding between three other princes who maria would marry.
  • Birth of children

    Birth of children
    Maria Anna was Maria Theresa's first surviving child of 13 other surviving children including Marie Antionette and Ferdinand .The other 3 died very young. Theresa blamed her constant pregnancy on why she couldn't be at the battlefield as most children were born during wartime.
  • accession

    Made her husband co-ruler of Austrian and Bohemian lands so he could legally become the next emperor of the holy roman empire
  • Invasion of Silesia

    Invasion of Silesia
    Fredrick claimed to be annexing Silesia and Maria's husband wanted to surrender the Duchy, Maria and her advisors refused to give up a luxury rich area. Austria lost and Maria swore Fredrick her enemy for life and referred to him as " that evil man ".
  • Period: to

    Austrian Succession

    War started by Fredrick of Prussia to free the Duchy of Silesia.
    After being betrayed by France, Great Britan sided with Austria, but mainly focused on France rather than Austria held territories. Austria eventually lost and surrendered Silesia to Prussia; Maria claimed Fredrick to be her lifetime enemy.
  • coronation in hungary

    coronation in hungary
    shortly after becoming Queen, Maria failed to maintain allies and was severely weakened in the on going war with Prussia to control Silesia and lost bohemia in a year.
  • Seven year's war

    Seven year's war
    Austria attemted to capitalize on Prussia already fighting with other countries in the ongoing wars to regain Silesia. Austria lost Russian support after failed peace talks. Later Catherine the Great of Russia was able to peacefully end the wars. Austria simply was back where it started before the war.
  • Chosen Successor

    Chosen Successor
    After Maria's husband died on 18 August 1765 she made her son Joseph II Holy roman emporer with restricted control; however he was made an equal co-ruler on september 17 1765 to have control over lands controled by theresa's husband. When the head Austrian general died on this date Joseph was given complete military control.
  • Smallpox attack

    Smallpox attack
    The disease was contracted from her Daughter-in-Law Maria Josepha. Theresa survived but Josepha did not, yet never fully recovered and pasted the disease to her daughter who also died.
  • Death

    Maria fell ill due to imune weakness after 1767 smallpox on nov. 24 1780 and died of primarily edema in five days at 9 am surrounded by her family. She was buried next to her husband in the Imperial crypt in Vienna