Major events in Canadian History

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  • World War 1

    World War 1
    The first world war; lasted 4 years. WW1 started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated. Germany declared war on Russia.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    The four divisions of the Canadian Corps, fought together for the first time. They attacked the ridge from April 9 to 12, 1917 and captured it from the German army. It was the largest territorial advance of any Allied force in the war at the time.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    A peace treaty that was signed in 1919. This treaty brought World War One to an end.
  • The Great Depression

    During this time, the unemployment rate was down to 30%, the lowest its ever been before. One in five Canadians depended on the government for basic needs. Historians claim that Herbert Hoover was a “do-nothing” passive president who allowed the Great Depression to happen.
  • World War 2

    The whole world came to its second world war. They formed two opposing military sides, the axis, and the allies.
  • Newfoundland Joins Confederation

    Newfoundland Joins Confederation
    Newfoundland did not become part of Canada in 1867; Instead they joined in 1949 because Canada had promised them railways and roads.
  • Korean War

    Over 25,000 military personnel from Canada served in the Korean War.
  • Women's right to vote

    Women's right to vote
    In 1925, any woman who owned property was allowed to cast a ballot, but it wasn't until 1951 that all women were able to vote.
  • Universal Healthcare

    Universal Healthcare
    Tommy Douglas believed every province owed their residents a basic level of healthcare.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Soviet missiles stationed in Cuba posed a threat to Canada and the United States.
  • Canadian Flag

    Canada gets its own flag. A red and white flag with a maple leaf in the centre; the maple leaf design by George Stanley.
  • Constitution is Patriated

    Canada "patriated" its Constitution, transferring the country's highest law, the British North America Act, from the authority of the British Parliament to Canada's federal and provincial legislatures.
  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    Pierre Elliot Trudeau created the Charter of Rights and Freedoms granting political and civil rights to all Canadians.,
  • Meech Lake Accord

    Meech Lake Accord
    Amendments made to the constitution negotiated by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.