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  • The first parade

    The first parade
    It included live animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo. At the end of that parade, Santa Claus was welcomed. At this first parade, Santa was enthroned on the Macy's balcony at the 34th Street store entrance, where he was then crowned "King of the Kiddies".
  • The growth

    The growth
    Through the 1930s, the Parade continued to grow, with crowds of over one million people lining the parade route in 1933. The first Mickey Mouse balloon entered the parade in 1934. The annual festivities were broadcast on local radio stations in New York City from 1932[9] to 1941, and resumed in 1945, running through 1951.
  • Period: to

    The suspension

    The parade was suspended from 1942 to 1944 as a result of World War II, because rubber and helium were needed for the war effort.
  • Oops! Didn't see that.

    Oops! Didn't see that.
    Following an incident in 2005 where a balloon knocked over a street light and injured spectators (see § Injuries), new safety measures were incorporated in 2006 to prevent accidents and balloon-related injuries.
  • Can I get a coat?

    Can I get a coat?
    The 2018 parade was the coldest to date with the temperature at 19 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Where's 2020?

    Where's 2020?
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, the 2020 parade was downsized and closed to the public—being filmed as a broadcast-only event in the Herald Square area. There were 88% fewer participants, and social distancing was enforced. The event did not include college and high school marching bands.