Isabella Walker

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  • 4.4 Childhood Attachment Experiences

    When I was a kid, I was extremely shy and reserved. A fearful avoidant type. As soon as I got home, I'd become talkative and comfortable. That primarily represents how when I am in my comfort zone, I feel I can open up. The particular traits I had as a kid still applies to today. Despite how I try to be confident, I will always be reserved at first. It is my coping skill to learn what I would be getting myself into when I get close with those specific people. That is my way of protecting myself.
  • 7.3 Major Life Event

    That day was easily the most stressful and saddest day of my life. It was the day of my beloved grandma's death. While growing up, my grandma was my second mother as she took care of me, made sure that I get to school on time, groomed me, would review the completion of my assignments, and many more. With her around, she consistently feeds me that sense of security. My mom was in a bad place during that time. So, having my grandma passed away unexpectedly definitely turned my world upside down.
  • 7.2 Transitions

    7.2 Transitions
    The transition from my identity to a main character I wasn't familiar with turns out to be the most stressful moment for me. The stress I was experiencing is described as a stimulus-oriented viewpoint. My anxiety greatly increased based on my incessant thinking whether if I'll satisfy or fail people's expectations of me. The stress became too much to the point that it pushes me to get in my role as much as possible so, I can forget my anxiety thinking. That was quite a life-changing transition.
  • Any College Student's Worst Nightmare

    Any College Student's Worst Nightmare
    If I could count how many times I misplaced my iPhone, I'd be a millionaire by now. Yet, I always managed to find my iPhone in the end. Little did I know that my first time traveling out of country, it would be impossible to find my iPhone ever again. On one of drunken nights, I placed my iPhone somewhere on the sand and when I went to look for it, I could not find it. In the next morning, I asked everyone who might have seen a glimpse of my iPhone and all of their answers are the same: nope.
  • The Closure

    The Closure
    One day, I got fed up with having no iPhone or Mac. So, I decided to save up enough money to buy a new iPhone. Otherwise, I cannot afford buying a new Mac. I suddenly realized that given my condition, I can make a written request for a Mac laptop from Maryland DORS. It took them forever to deliver which prolonged to the last week of my freshman year. At that moment, I felt so good that I solved problems on my own. Hence the first picture I excitedly took on my PhotoBooth on my brand new Mac....
  • My Current Healthy Lifestyle

    I don't bother to eat any nutrient. I struggle with refraining myself from eating junk food. Because I'm a college student under a lot of stress. So, I depend on sweets or anything that'll build up my energy fast to function throughout the week. I used to exercise a lot. Sadly, I haven't had much time to exercise lately. I do smoke marijuana sometimes. I socially drink. I want to start exercising because I can see how lack of exercise is affecting me. Exercising also starts with eating well.
  • 4.3 Adult Attachment Style

    4.3 Adult Attachment Style
    My general attachment style resulted in Preoccupied. I wasn't surprised to learn that. Since I was a kid, I always carried that notion that people feel bad for me that they couldn't leave me behind. Years later, I only find out that it is my low self-esteem eating me up. As I mature, I learned that how I react mainly affect how people behave around me. My self awareness increases as I age. Yet, I still have that refusal to depend on people. Frankly because I don't want to be hurt.
  • 7.1 Fowler

    I believe that the stage, individuative-reflective faith, fits me most. The rejection itself often has a way of teaching me to get out of my comfort zone. Once I am being amputated from a place I had in the society, my perspective will be readjusted and my self-awareness will increase. I'll think that it didn't work out because there is another opportunity I am meant to seek instead. That is part of the changes that I believe to take place over my adulthood.
  • 6.3 Generativity

    I'll be facing 'Generativity versus Self-absorption and Stagnation' stage when I'm in my around 26-28 year old self. By that time, I'll have Bachelor of Arts & Master of Arts degree in Psychology. As expected, I want to put my knowledge and experience to a good use. I'll feel like my youth is running out of time. I'd feel the need to contribute meaningfully in my relationship with people I'll work with to set the tone of my career. At same time, I'd want to ensure to remain connected to myself.
  • 4.1 Young Adult Role Transition

    4.1 Young Adult Role Transition
    By time, I'd be stressed with arranging the wedding. I'd stress about being stressed because I'm a perfectionist so, I don't want to face the thought of being potentially stressed on my wedding day. Because it's going to be a day I remember forever. Besides having to hold a job, do bills, take care of pets, and keeping the house clean, I am convinced that I'd face the most growth of adulthood when I reach to that period of time. 'The age of feeling in-between' stage parallels with my experience.
  • 6.1 My RIASEC type

    My result of RIASEC type is Social, Enterprising, & Investigative. My highest score was Social. My lowest score was Enterprising. I was not surprised to learn that result. The personality traits I carry do correspond with the jobs I am interested in pursuing. I've always been a people person & interacting with them brings me stimulation. I also can imagine myself being an entrepreneur as long as I am merchandising what I believe in. I also always imagined to be Nancy Drew in another life.
  • 6.4 Conscientious

    I'll be facing 'Conscientious' stage when I am in my around 35-40 year old self. That will be when I've accomplished things I aspired to and carry keen awareness about my potentials. Coming from the feeling of having accomplished what I meant to, I'll start investing time in interpersonal relationships. Cause the older we get, the more we value time and friends. This is the period of time where I'll start unpacking, analyzing, and awakening things I had not known about before.
  • 6.2 Super’s Stages

    The disengagement I'd envision working as a patient representative is that I'd feel burn out. I'd constantly interact with patients burdening me with their affairs. I can imagine how it is hard to take care of myself when I've to take care of everyone else. It is either that I'll feel burn out or gradually learn how to cope with the stress thrown on me. During that period of era, I'd probably be looking forward to retire. At same time, I'd have mixed feelings about leaving where I work at.
  • The Neuro Lotion

    The 1,000 ml gluten-free neuro lotion with nutritional fluid package provided. Applying the lotion and having your morning fluid daily will expand red/white cells 3x more and ensure that they live 3x time longer than average duration. When we're surrounded by the sun, air pollution, or any form of danger, we'll be immune to it. Also, if we get any disease, we'll be able to recover ourselves with the neuro lotion & fluid pumping in our system boundlessly. Do not exceed or rash may occur.
  • 3.2 Attention

    To comprehend things, I must sustain my attention. Due to my stable crystallized intelligence, I'm confident that I will ably refer things I absorb in the moment to my knowledge & experience. Crystalized intelligence will remain stable until one reach to their 80s. I'd have to write on sticker notes to remember what important info I learned. So, when I have another conversation that is related to the info, I'd be able to interpret info accurately. So, ADL would be a challenge to cope with!
  • The Timeless Pills

    Newsflash!! The timeless pills will help everyone to live a lot longer! On one condition, you must take a pill every day within three years. Then for a year, you can refrain because the chemical will be strong enough in your body to carry on. After a year, you shall get committed again. The neuro pills works in promoting your working memory, cognitive abilities, and solidifying your immune system. So, you'll be able to have a mentally sharpened mind and high functioning body! No side effects.
  • 4.2 Older Adult Role Transition

    During that time where I'm approaching my elderhood, I'd definitely be distressed about it. Because I have to accept the fact that sooner or later, I would find it hard to be active. How I would cope with that is to preserve every moment with my children and grab every moment I can to do things actively. According to the textbook, I'd be at that the self-focused age stage. Often, when people acknowledge that they're going to become old, they analyze everything that's happening in their life.
  • Potential Consequences of My Lifestyle

    Potential Consequences of My Lifestyle
    Given how I've been not exercising, I believe that I'll be unable to enjoy doing active things when I get older. Because my tolerance for physical actives will out of shape by then. Often when we ask how middle-aged people can run a mile outside, they'd say that they started that habit when they were young. Also, if I continue to rely on sugar/caffeinated food sources, my tolerance would increase & the crash would occur more. Those'd be a deadly consequence for me because I am an active person.
  • 3.1 Working Memory

    3.1 Working Memory
    I feel that IADL would be more challenging towards my declining working memory. As my memory decline, I'd have to find strategies to become mentally energized and practice memory tasks. It would be beneficial if I expose myself to various type of stimulation. Such as interacting with young people, doing a routine as simple as reading at least 15 pages on a daily basis, doing memory tasks, nourishing myself with varied perceptions, and having the support system to remind me constantly.
  • 8.1 The End

    Lamentably, a loving wife, grandmother, and counsel, Isabella Eve Walker has passed away on March 31st, 2069 due to a natural cause. Fret not, her spirit will continue to live in us. Her endless devotion to the community will be appreciated forever. Although, there is one thing we must not forget to do. Isabella's love and passion for theatre ought to be something that we continue to carry on. May her soul rest in peace.