Listening to Music

Timeline created by cdunn56
  • Favorite Record

    Favorite Record
    When I was very young, I had a favorite record I would ask my mom to play so that I could dance around the living room.
  • Classical Records

    Classical Records
    My mom had joined a classical record group that would send records to our house. She would gather us together to learn about the composer and listen to the record. She was hoping to enrich our musical tastes
  • Family Radio

    Family Radio
    We had a radio in the living room for the whole family to use. I didn't get to use it very often because I was the youngest at the time.
  • Walkman

    I had a Walkman that could play tapes. Often, they were tapes that someone had recorded off the radio.
  • Boombox

    I was excited to get my own Boombox for my room so that I could choose and listen to my own music.
  • Discman

    I started buying and collection CDs and enjoyed playing them on my Discman.
  • Car Radio and Tape Player

    Car Radio and Tape Player
    My first car had a radio and tape player. Most often, I would just listen to the radio but sometimes would put in a tape.
  • Car Radio with CD Player

    Car Radio with CD Player
    My next car had a CD player as well as a radio. I was excited to take my favorite CDs on trips to pass the time.
  • CD Collection

    CD Collection
    I collected a lot of CDs that I would play on my small personal Boombox.
  • I-Phone

    It is wonderful to have access to music on my i-phone and the internet.