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    In 1931, Mother Teresa took the name Teresa in honor of a French nun, Thèrése Martin who was canonized in 1927 with the title of Saint Thèsése de Lisieux.
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    In this year Mother Teresa took religious vows and taught for 20 years at St. Mary's College in Calcutta, India. The twenty years that Mother Teresa spent in Loreto were permeated with deep joy. He stands out for his charity, generosity and courage, his capacity for hard work and his natural talent for organization.
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    In this year, precisely on September 10, he received another call from God, the service of the poorest. Almost two years of testing and discernment passed before Mother Teresa received permission from Pope Pius XII to begin.
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    He also acquired Hindu citizenship. Her original name is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.
    At age 18, Mother Teresa entered the Order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto in Ireland. He received his religious training in Diblin, Ireland and in Dargjiling, India.
    On August 17 of that year, she dressed for the first time in the white sari edged with blue and walked through the doors of her beloved Loreto convent to enter the world of the poor.
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    Mother Teresa founded a congregation called the Missionaries of Charity, in the Archdiocese of Calcutta.
    after a while old students of hers began to join her.
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    Pope Paul VI placed the Missionaries of Charity congregation under pontifical law and authorized Mother Teresa to expand the religious Order in other countries.
    Around the world, centers were opened to care for lepers, the elderly, the blind and people suffering from AIDS, and schools and orphanages were founded for the poorest and abandoned children.
    Foundations were started in Venezuela, Rome, Tanzania and, successively, on all continents.
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    Mother Teresa opened houses in all communist countries, including the former Soviet Union, Albania, and Cuba.
    He won the Noble Peace Prize against his will but thanked on behalf of the poorest of the poor.
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    On September 5 of that same year, Mother Teresa died. The Government of India granted him the honor of celebrating a state funeral and his body was buried in the Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity.