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  • Paraguay

    On July 20, 1811, the Paraguayan junta sent a note in which it communicated that Paraguay would govern itself. ... The Paraguayans had made a revolution without firing a gun. On November 25, 1842, the independence of Paraguay was formally proclaimed, after the death of Doctor Francia, this was how Paraguay achieved its independence.
    1 Battle of Paraguar or Battle of Paraguay
  • Venezuela

    Liberator of Venezuela was the title granted by the Municipality of Caracas on October 14, 1813 to Simón Bolívar, who in the Admirable Campaign left Cúcuta, in the Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada (now Colombia), and arrived in Caracas on August 6 of 1813, thus liberating western Venezuela from Spanish rule and in this year was the independence of Venezuela
    1 Battle of Aguanegra.
    2 Battle of Alto de Los Godos.
    3 Battle of Angostura.
    4 Second Battle of Angostura.
    5 Battle of Aragua de Barcelona.
  • Argentina

    This process began in 1810, with the May Revolution, and ended in 1816, with the declaration of independence in the Congress of Tucumán. Then began a period of national organization that, due to ideological differences, led to various civil wars. In addition, Paraguay, Upper Peru and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, today independent countries, separated from the Argentine territory.
    1.The Battle of Tucumán was a key battle in Argentina's War of Independence.
    2. Battle of Maracaná
  • Chile

    On February 12, 1818, in the Plaza de Armas de Santiago in front of the Cathedral, Miguel Zañartu read the minutes and took the oath of the Deputy Director Don Luis de la Cruz, with the presence of General José de San Martín and all the civil authorities and at that moment Chile was able to proclaim its independence and thus be free.
    Battle of Chacabuco, this was the battle that defined the independence
  • New Granada (Colombia)

    New Granada (Colombia)
    The Independence of Colombia was the process that led to the end of the period of dominance of the Spanish Empire in the current territory of the country. Said Process was fought in the middle of a conflict developed between 1810 to 1819 to emancipate the territories that then comprised the Viceroyalty of New Granada and that was how Colombia became independent
    1._Batalla de los ejidos de Pasto
    2.-Batalla de El Yagual
    3.-Batalla de Gámeza y Tópaga
    4.-Combate de Corrales
    5.-Batalla de Ibarra
  • Perú

    In 1820, the Liberating Expedition from Chile landed in Peru under the command of General José de San Martín. This proclaimed in Lima the independence of the Peruvian State (1821) and under his Protectorate the first Constituent Congress of the country was formed and from that moment on, Peru this beautiful country managed to become independent and be released.
    This concludes with the Battle of Ayaucho
  • Ecuador

    The War of Independence of Ecuador is an independence process with the objective of breaking the colonial ties between the Royal Court of Quito and the Spanish Empire in the context of the Spanish American Wars of Independence. The Independence of Guayaquil on October 9, 1820 marks the beginning of the war of independence of the Royal Audience of Quito, which ends with the Battle of Pichincha, near Quito, on May 24, 1822.
  • Uruguay

    In Uruguay, the expression Declaration of independence refers to the act carried out on August 25, 1825 by the Florida Congress, made up of representatives of the councils of the towns of the Eastern Province. Through this, the Eastern Province proclaimed its independence from the Empire of Brazil and declared itself part of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata
    1 Battle of Paso Cuello
    2 Battle of Daymán
    3 Battle of the Yi
    4 Battle of Corralito
    5 Battle of Cagancha