Lindy Chamberlain case

Timeline created by dragoz4444
  • Azaria born

    Azaria Chamberlain born.
  • Azaria Taken

    This was the night Azaria Chamberlain was taken. Azaria was 2 months and 6 days old when she was taken.
  • 1st inquest

    The first inquest - found likely cause was a dingo attack.
  • 2 inquest

    Lindy Chamberlain commited to trial for murder as a result.
  • Lindy sentenced to life

    Lindy Chamberlain was sentenced to life in prison.
  • Lindy Chamberlain Convicted

    Lindy Chamberlain offically convicted for the murder of Azaria Chamberlain. She was not taken into prison immediatly because she was pregnant with Kahlia Chamberlain.
  • Kahlia Chamberlain born

    Kahlia Chamberlain born, taken from Lindy Chamberlain (mother) four hours after birth.
  • Baby's Jacket found

    Azaria Chamberlain's Matinee jacket was found at the base of Uluru.
  • Lindy released

    Lindy Chamberlain was released from jail.
  • Chamberlains pardoned

    The Chamberlains were granted a pardon for the Azaria case.
  • Evil Angels movie released

    Evil angels movie starring Meryl streep.
    1st of Jan used because specific date not given.
  • Chamberlains paid compensation

    The chamberlains are paid 1.3 million dollars worth of compensation.
    1st of Jan used because specific date not given.
  • 3rd inquest

    The third inquest was started. It was declred an open finding.
    1st of Jan used because specific date not given.
  • 4th inquest

    The fourth and final inquest found that dingo took Azaria Chamberlain and a death cirtificate was issued.