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  • First Cat

    My first ever pet, Suger was a small, white curious kitten that got into trouble many times, causing him to have not such a long life.
  • First Lego Sets

    On my 4th birthday I got my first lego sets, 2 star wars sets. that I still have today, half-broken though
  • Spilling all the nail polish on the carpet

    I spilled all my sister's and mom's nail polish on my carpet in my room, it remained there in a colorful puddle in my room until we got new carpets
  • Getting the Ps2

    I got my first game system, the Ps2 at Best Buy. I also got need4speed 2:Hot pursuit and Finding Nemo the games, games that I would find to love!
  • Getting what I didn't want for christmas

    On Christmas morning, the present I got from Santa wasn't the Lego Star Wars turbo Tank I had wanted, itstead it was a Playmobile crane, which I found to love.
  • Birthday's at the Holiday Inn

    I had my birthday with Dylan at the Holiday Inn from about 2005-2009, these were the best birthday parties ever!
  • 2nd time going skiing

    The 2nd time going skiing, was probably the worse skiing experince ever, the instructors thought I above the level I was so they bumbed me up two levels, and only the 2nd time going skiing, i was skiing on the larger hills in B.C.
  • Getting my Guinea Pig

    I got my guinea pig in winter time and I named him Jing, We also got a dog named Izzy. Jing lived to a very old guinea pig at about the age of 6 (very rare for a guinea pig).
  • Getting my Ps3

    The last present under the tree, a Ps3 (right when it came out), it was one of the best presents ever! I played my Ps3 for hours on end and I still have it this day!
  • Plane ride to Califonia

    At the time, i was sick and not feeling good at all. Near the end of the 6 hour plane ride, I barfed for the first and only time on a plane, my sister called me up-chuck the rest of the year
  • CalIiforia

    The time I went to Califorina in Palm Springs with my friend Ben. We went to almost all the amusment parks such as Legoland, Universal Studios, and DisneyLand!
  • First Time in the R.V.

    The first time I was in the R.V., I thought it was the best thing ever! with a big t.v. and sadalite t.v. it was awesome!
  • Halloween at my Aunt & Uncles

    My Aunt & Uncle own a very old, very large spooky house. My cousins also decorated their inside with at the time I thought were super scary, so I only stayed in thier kitchen
  • Cruise ship in Hawwii

    The first time I went on a cruise ship and did tons of fun stuff on the cruise ship and in hawwii
  • Trip with dad to Floradia

    This was the first trip with only my dad and we mostly kicked backa nd relaxed and went to theme parks like Legoland and Universal Studios.
  • Birthday present

    This birthday present was one that stood out, I got the largest and coolest Lego set ever, the Death Star. Being one of the most expensive lego sets ever, I never knew that on this day I would get the "Death Star"
  • The day where there was 5 projects due on the same day

    The day in grade 7 when each teacher assassigned a project, all due on the same day with only about a week to do them.
  • Trip to Mexico

    This was the first trip where I went out of North America. I had so much fun on this trip with boogie boarding, the pool, are room and much more.
  • Ceaderwood

    This was my 2nd time at Ceaderwood(summer camp) with all my friends this time. I had a blast there! I wish the 5 days at Ceaderwood would have lasted three times longer!
  • Minneapolis

    This time a went to minneapolis, not only did we go alone this time, we went with all my cousins and my uncle who lives in New Zealand!
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