Lewis and Clark Timeline

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  • Start of the Expedition

    Start of the Expedition
    Lewis and Clark start the journey on May 21st going up the missouri river using a 55 foot keelboat.
  • Danger

    Lewis and Clark start meeting and encountering Native Americans. Some went well and some didnt. They kept traveling seeing new animals and plants.
  • Fighting

    Lewis and Clark get into a little fight with the Teton Sioux. Each pulled weapons on each other but in the end to both back down. They failed becoming friends with Native Groups.
  • Winter

    The Missouri river froze and they coudnt travel up stream. After the first snowfall. They set up camp for the winter at Mandans tribe village
  • Winter Continued

    Winter Continued
    Lewis and Clark started gathering more materials for when they continued with their journey. They repaired supplies, traded with indians, and hunted food such as buffalo.
  • Grizzly Country

    Grizzly Country
    Indians warned Lewis and Clark of dangerous animals such as lions. They found grizzlies and killed one but one managed to chase Lewis.
  • Rocky Mountains

    Rocky Mountains
    Lewis and Clark were looking for the rocky moutains and were trying to find them when wind came and knocked there vessel over. Sacagawea saved jurnals and precious notes that could have been destroyed.
  • Fork in the river

    Fork in the river
    There vessel had reached a fork in the river and all the men had a fight over which way was the right way to go. Some said North the others said South. Lewis took three men down the South river
  • Great Falls

    Great Falls
    Lewis and Clark were the first to see the great falls. There were many of them in the Missouri river. They contiuned going on a 12 mile stretch.
  • Continental Divide

    Continental Divide
    The reached the continental divide and had to go west going through the Columbia river. Doing this from the Missouri river to the Columbia river would require horses from the shoshone tribe