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  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    The expedition sets off from Camp Dubois. Around 48 men attended this voyage. They traveled in a big keelboat which could hold about 10 tons of supplies. There were 2 smaller boats, they couldn't fit all of the people and supplies in the one. It "set sail" out of St. Luis, Missour.
  • Experience with Sioux Tribe

    Experience with Sioux Tribe
    The voyage took a halt, and had a nice pleasant council with Yankton Sioux. The tribes tradition for when a baby is born Lewis wrapped him in a US flag. He then declared him an American. They were on there way when another Sioux Tribe demanded one of the boats as a toll for going upriver.
  • Experience at Fort Mandan

    Experience at Fort Mandan
    The Corps of Discovery had gotten to the earth lodge villages. Around 4,500 people lived in these villages. They decided to build Fort Mandan across the river from the village. On December 17th Fort Mandan was finished, they agreed to begin the expedition after winter.
  • Sacagawea had a baby

    Sacagawea had a baby
    Sacagawea gave birth to her son at Fort Mandan in North Dakota. The babies name was Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Lewis assisted Sacagawea during the birth, he gave her a option made from the rings of a rattlesnakes rattle into powder.
  • The Bear

    The Bear
    While Traveling Lewis and another hunter killed a grizzly bear, never before described by science. Lewis questioned whether the ferocity of the bear was exaggerated by Native Americans. But he soon realized that all of the accounts of grizzly chases and grizzly caused kills, were in fact as the Natives stated it.
  • Involving present day Idaho

    Involving present day Idaho
    An advance party of the Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed into present-day Idaho. Idaho was a big part of the trail they took. This is where the border between Idaho and Montana is. They expected to see a river leading to an ocean but all they saw were more mountains.
  • Shoshone Tribe Experience

    Shoshone Tribe Experience
    They discovered a village of Shoshone people. Lewis tried to get horses for the trip across the daunting mountains. Sacagawea is there translating. The chief turned out to be her brother.
  • Peaceful Trade

    Peaceful Trade
    Lewis successfully got the horses he had needed for the mountains. I am not positive what the gave in return. It is also his 31st birthday. He was the first American citizen to reach Continental Divide.
  • Sick expedition members

    Sick expedition members
    After eating salmon and camas roots some of the men become sick. They had been traveling up mountains with little food,vi would imagine the eat a lot. The Nez Percé befriended them and fed them.
  • Nez Percé tribe help

    Nez Percé tribe help
    The Nez Percé fed and gave shelter to the explorers. The team had been lacking on food and hiking up mountains. They were granted the help they needed by the tribe. It was ultimately an old women named Watkuweis decision to help them.
  • New canoes

    New canoes
    A chief named Twisted Hair showed the men how to use fire to make canoes. They needed them to cross long bodies of water up ahead. They used fire to hollow out pine trees in order to make the canoes.
  • Do to weather they build home

    Do to weather they build home
    Do to the winters weather they have decided to build a place to live until informed otherwise. They put it to a vote, and decided to cross to the south side of the Columbia. They built the place and called it Fort Clatsop
  • Fort Clatsop

    Fort Clatsop
    They built shelter south of the Columbia and named it Fort Clatsop. They named it that for a neighboring Indian tribe. They stayed there until weather got better for traveling. It was celebrated by passing out tobacco and handkerchiefs.
  • Blackfeet warriors

    Blackfeet warriors
    Heading back toward the Missouri, Lewis sees 8 Blackfeet warriors. Lewis and the men he is with camp cautiously that night. In the morning they catch them trying to steal horses and guns, a fight begins. Two Blackfeet members were killed, the only bloodshed the whole expedition.
  • Charles Floyd

    Charles Floyd
    Speeding home with Missouri's current, they cover 70 miles a day. They exchanged harsh words with a Sioux Tribe chief. They pay their respects to Charles Floyd the only death in the expedition. And keep going