Lesson 3.03 F. Scott Fitzgerald Background Research

Timeline created by MaddyG
  • Francis Scott Fitzgerald is born

    Francis Scott Fitzgerald is born
    Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and had many literary talents starting even in grade school.
  • Period: to


    Scott attends Princeton University with the class of 1916.
  • Fitzgerald’s rejection while in Montgomery Alabama

    Fitzgerald’s rejection while in Montgomery Alabama
    He is stationed at Camp Sheridan. Even throughout expecting to die he quickly writes his first novel titled The Romantic Egoists, he submitted it to Scribner’s but was rejected and the editors wanted to see more revisions.
  • Scott meets Zelda

    In July of 1918, they met at a county club dance in Montgomery, Scott was infatuated with Zelda even though she kept many other suitors around during the time.
  • 1919 in New York

    1919 in New York
    After the Great War had ended and Fitzgerald was discharged from the Army, he gets employed in New York at an advertising agency. He then makes trips to Montgomery even tho he is penniless and has no publishes he proposed to Zelda, which she declines.
  • Zelda finally accepts

    When his This Side of Paradise is accepted by Scribner’s, Zelda finally accepts Fitzgerald’s proposal.
  • The wedding

    The wedding
    A week before the wedding Scott’s first novel, This Side of Paradise, had been published and had instant acclaim. Zelda had painted to commemorate their wedding.
  • Period: to

    Europe & Stories

    Scott and Zelda had a vacation in Europe before having their child. After settling in Long Island he conceived the iconic American novel, The Great Gatsby. During this period he had also written many more stories.
  • May of 1924

    May of 1924
    In May of 1924 the Fitzgeralds moved to France escaping prohibition, and the high cost of living in America! The family also was trying to escape their own bad habits.
  • Fitzgerald writes The Great Gatsby

    The family rents Villa Marie in Saint-Raphaël on the French Riviera, where Fitzgerald then writes the iconic The Great Gatsby. This happens in April of 1924!
  • Period: to

    The expansion

    During these years Zelda takes painting lessons and Fitzgerald makes final revisions for The Great Gatsby. The family has been traveling all throughout France but settles in Paris during 1925, they never settle in their own home but travel and live in hotels and rentals.
  • Period: to

    The Great Gatsby is published

    In Paris The Great Gatsby was published but came with tepid reviews and underwhelming sales. After the story was published its followed by publication of a story collection named All The Sad Young Men. This is all leading into 1926, since the Fitzgerald’s spent the summer at Villa St. Louis in Juan-les-Pins.
  • Period: to

    The Fitzgerald family visits America

    In 1927 the Fitzgerald family visits America on the Conte Biancamano. The family works on their own endeavors such as dance and film, and Fitzgerald in January works on the film script for Lipstick. The decides to head back to France where Zelda focuses on Ballet and writes stories for College Humor.
  • Period: to

    Fitzgerald’s love

    Zelda and Scott’s love survives the Great Depression, which brought Scott’s short stories smaller fees, and this was the families only income. In 1931 the family decided to return to Montgomery, during this time Scott is in Hollywood working on a script for Red-Headed Woman, and Zelda begins her own writing. (Can’t finds exact dates)
  • Period: to

    Death takes over

    Before his death Scott worked as a screenwriter for Metro Goldwyn Mayer in Hollywood during July of 193, during this time he develops an interesting relationship with Hollywood gossip columnist, Sheilah Graham, and even more happens! Scott had to repay his debts by writing now-famous series of letters to Scottie. Then MGM doesn’t renew his contract resulting in the creation of the Pat Hobby Stories. The last time Zelda sees her husband is on their trip to Cuba before his heart attack.