Legacy of Slavary 1440-1770

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  • Jan 1, 1440

    Portuguese Sea Power

    From the 1440s onward the Portuegese began importing numbers of african slaves into Libson.
  • Jan 1, 1547

    Englands rulers force por to work

    beginning in 1547, enslaved persistant vagabonds and branded with the letter "S"
  • Arrival of "20 and Odd" blacks

    The Dutch man of war ship brings slaves into trade for servitude.
  • Indiication by surviving wills,inventories.....

    .....deeds and other documents considered "customary practice to hold some negroes in a form of life service"
  • All races but negroes are to be with Arms and ammunition

  • John Punch

    a runaway indentured servant, first documenteda slave for life.
  • Englands economy improves

    This slowed the number of laborers and the colonies mortality rate dropped.
  • Slavory was recognized in the statutory law of the colony

    Legislation was passed definig the status of mulatto children
  • Baptism does not bring freedom

    Until the general Assembly outlawed it, baptism could be the grounds for a slave to gain his/her freedom
  • Blacks or Indians could no longer own indentured servants

  • An act was passed preventing insurrections among slaves

    Blacks could not congregate in large numbers for supposed funeral or feast
  • First act prohibiting intermarriage

    No Negro or Molatto may be set free by any person unless the pay for the transportation out of the colony within the first 6 months
  • Negros must give up ownership of horses, cattle or hogs

    Seperate courts for slaves charged with capital crimes, depriving them of the right to trial by jury
  • Period:
    Sep 22, 1440

    Early Slaverry

  • Period: to

    Slavary In The 1600s (Prior to American Slavery)