Latin American Revolution

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  • Period: to

    The begining

  • Bolivar declares Independnce

    Bolivar declares Independnce
    Simon Bolivar native Venezuela declared its independence from spain in 1811.
  • Jose Maria Morelos

    Jose Maria Morelos
    Morelos led the revolution for four years. However, in 1851, a creole oficer, Agustin de Iturbide, defeated him.
  • Neeting San Martin

    Neeting San Martin
    San Martin's Argentina had Declared it's indepdence in 1816. San Martin was joined by force led by Bernardo O' Higgins, son of a former viceroy of Peru.
  • Miguel Hidalgo

    Miguel Hidalgo
    A priest in the small village of Dolores, took the first step toward independence