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  • Causes of Latin America Independence

    Causes of Latin America Independence
    • Imposing excessive taxes.
    • The disputes for management positions extended to all areas.
    • The alternative of the homeland emerged as a separate entity from Spain.
    • There was influence of the French revolution.
  • Ecuador

    1809, It began with the proclamation of Sovereign Boards.
    1810, Quito was to be the first in the history of Spanish America to proclaim a government.
    1820, Let us remember how the independence of Guayaquil was proclaimed.
    1822,Sucre, and its triumph in Pichincha, culminated the independence of the Great Colombia.
  • Chile

    1810, The first Junta de Buenos Aires organized three military campaigns
    1814, Military campaigns subsisted in Venezuela and the Río de la Plata
    1817, Bolívar, Piar, Páez,and other Venezuelan leaders reactivated the war.
    1818, Bolivar faced and defeated Morillo in Calabozo.
  • Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

    Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
    1810, Buenos Aires 3 failed attempts
    1811, Asunción spontaneus revolution set Paraguay fre Jose Artigas + Banda Oriental: Las Piedras Battle Federalist vs. Centralist.
    1816, San Martin united provinces of South America Federalist vs Centralist.
    1825, Uruguay entered in a war with Brazil.
  • New Granada and Venezuela

    New Granada and Venezuela
    1817, Bolivar, Piar, Paez and other reactivated the war.
    1818, Bolivar faced and defeat Morillo in Calabozo.
    1819, Acrossed The Andes, in Pantano de Vargas battle, the independece of New Granadawas sealed.
    1821, A few months later, the royalist army was defeated in the battle of Carabobo, the final victory of Venezuela's independence.
  • Perú

    1820, San Martin leaves Chile
    1821, San Martin arrives to Lima
    1821, San Martin Declares the independece
    1824, Battle of Junin
    Battle oy Ayacucho
  • Jose de San Martin And Simon Bolivar

    Jose de San Martin And Simon Bolivar
    Jose de San Martin: Protector of Peru Simon Bolivar: Liberator, President of Gran Colombia Guayaquil 26th and 27th, 1822
    Complete freedom of America royalist of Perú
  • Independece war end

    Independece war end
    1824, Bolivar and Sucre Victory in Peru
    1825, Sucre Upper Peru-Bolivia