Latin America Independence process timeline

Timeline created by Pamela Morales E
In History
  • Juan VI

    Juan VI
    Juan VI took refuge in Brazil, because Napoleon invaded Portugal.
  • First Call of Quito

    First Call of Quito
    1809: Quito makes its first call for Independence.
  • Wave Hunger

    Wave Hunger
    The wave of hunger beings and Miguel Hidalgo was in the town of Dolores.
  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires 3 failed attempts.
  • First Constitution of Mexico

    First Constitution of Mexico
    José María Morelos makes the first constitution of Mexico.
  • Reactivated war

    Reactivated war
    Bolívar, Piar, Páez and others reactivated the war.
  • Independence of Chile

    Independence of Chile
    Chile achieves its independence.
  • Independence of Guayaquil

    Independence of Guayaquil
    Guayaquil achieves its independence.
  • Independence of Argentina

    Independence of Argentina
    Argentina achieves its independence.
  • Carabobo

    Venezuela is victorious in the battle of Carabobo.
  • Independence of Venezuela

    Independence of Venezuela
    Venezuela achieves its independence.
  • Pedro de Barganza

    Pedro de Barganza
    Juan VI returned to Portugal and leave your son Pedro de Barganza.
  • Guatemala

    The provinces of Guatemala.
  • Independence of Ecuador

    Independence of Ecuador
    Ecuador reach its independence.
  • War of the Brazil

    War of the Brazil
    Brazil and Uruguay start their war.
  • Independence of Uruguay

    Independence of Uruguay
    Uruguay reach its independence.
  • Royalist

    Victory of the Royalist in Cancha Rayada.
  • Pedro II

    Pedro II
    Pedro de Barganza abdicated and leave his son, Pedro II.
  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    Spain recognizes independence.
  • Belize

    Belize was invaded by England.
  • Scream of Cuba

    Scream of Cuba
    Cuba had the Scream of Yara.
  • Scream of Puerto Rico

    Scream of Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico had the Scream of Lares.
  • Independence of Brazil

    Independence of Brazil
    Portugal recognized its independence.
  • War of United States

    War of United States
    United States declares war on Spain.
  • Independence of Cuba

    Independence of Cuba
    Cuba had the independence.
  • Panama

    Panama belonged to Viceroyalty of New Granada.