Apple Watch

Timeline created by caitlin.stone
  • Beginning the Apple Watch

    The company worked on the Apple Watch throughout 2012. In 2013 they hired someone to be in charge of the Apple Watch project. It took almost 18 months to go through the design process many times to figure out exactly what they wanted out of the Apple Watch.
  • First Announced

    The first Apple Watch was announced by Tim Cook to the public.
  • Original Apple Watch for sale

    The Apple Watch was first sold in April 2015. The first Apple Watch came in three different lines- Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.
    -They came in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes
    -Had wifi and bluetooth
    -Only had internet when paired with an iPhone
    -storage=8 gb
  • Apple Watch series 1

    -Got rid of the Apple Watch Edition and renamed the Apple Watch Sport to Apple Watch Series 1(engineers refined design)
    -Dropped price to make it more affordable(engineers did their research and decided the price was too high)
    -Contained many of the same features as the original Apple Watch
    -storage= 8 gb
  • Apple Watch series 2

    -had a built in GPS
    -no longer needed to be paired to your iPhone for location
    -became water resistant
    -storage=8 gb
  • Apple Watch series 3

    -added the cellular option so the Apple Watch could connect to its own internet(again this was reworked form the series 2 because it was able to have its own internet and didn't need the iphone to be connected)
    -storage= non-LTE is 8 gb and LTE is 16 gb
  • Apple Watch series 4

    -came in 40 mm and 44mm sizes and rounded the corners(engineers reworked the size of the Apple Watch)
    -has an electrical heart sensor
    -storage= 16 gb
  • Apple Watch series 5

    -adds emergency calling
    -brought back Apple Watch Edition
    -storage= 32 gb(engineers were able to create more storage on the Apple Watches over the last few years)