Kaylee's Summer Timeline

Timeline created by room217elpaso
  • I got a puppy

    Befor I got a puppy I was at WesternPlayLand. And when I came back I saw a puppy it was berown with a wite face.
  • When I started to sleep in my bed

    I started to sleep in my bed after I had a sleep over with Lidya.
  • when I whent to dalas

    I went to dalas to take my berother to the childerens hospital because of his GM.
  • Period: to

    Disney World

    I went to Disny World with my family.And I went on a rolercoster when it was night.
  • Period: to

    when I whent to Gabasten

    I whent toGalbasten becase my mom had to work there.I had so much fun and I went to Schlitterbon.