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  • Oct 10, 732

    battle of the tours

    battle of the tours
    in 732 ,the arab advance force was proceeding north towrad
    the river loire
  • battle of legnano

    battle of legnano
    the milanese were informed about fedricks plan,and prepared for battle.in 1038 archbishop aribert led the vicious defence of mulan aginst the holly roman empire.
  • banning of lay investiture

    banning of lay investiture
    investiture was in pratice preformed by religious nobility
    ahtorities.since a big amount in wealth and lan was usallly associated with the office of a bishop or a abbot
  • crowning of charlemagne

    crowning of charlemagne
    the great king had built himself an empire surpassed by that of acient rome.france,italy,saxony,and hungary were all his.
  • uniting of the franks

    uniting of the franks
    there job is to defend the higher god.they do this buy throwing
    axes at there enemeys trying to kill them.
  • the battle of toulouse

    the battle of toulouse
    was one of the final battles of the napoleonic wars.
    toulouse,the regianal capital,proved stoulty defended by
    marshal shoult,
  • Period:
    Dec 3, 1500

    middle ages (500-1500)

  • Period:
    Nov 1, 1445
    Dec 4, 1500

    reign of charlemagne

  • Period: to

    carolingian dynasty 9751-987)