Julian Assange

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  • WikiLeaks

    Founded WikiLeaks, with help of the "whistleblowers" to reveal secretive government information to the public eye.
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  • Arrest

    In December 2010, Mr. Assange was arrested in Britain on a Swedish warrant issued in connection with the alleged sex offenses. He was at first denied bail, but a week later was granted bail of $315,000 and placed under house arrest at the country mansion of a wealthy friend.
  • UFO?

    Is the government banning footage like this for the sanity of people or for their own?
  • embassy

    Assange came to the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in June 2012, seeking to avoid extradition to Sweden. Nearly two months later, in August 2012, Assange was granted political asylum by the Ecuadorean government, which, according to the Times, "protects Mr. Assange from British arrest, but only on Ecuadorean territory".
  • Him Now

    Him Now
    He is currently still being prosecuted., he has many people on his side that feel what is being done to him is unhumanly. HJe broke the law but only to help us see what the government doesnt want us to see