Judaism and History of Israel

Timeline created by Gift Williams
  • When Judaism began.

    Judaism started on this day in b.c. The jews believe that it was a convenant between God and Abraham.
  • Anti-semitism

    During the 1920s, anti-semitism became common in Europe
  • The Holocaust

    In 1933, Julius Streicher ( the newly elected nazi party) organized a boycott to destroy all jewish owned businesses.
  • The Fifth Aliya

    The British white paper closed the gates of Palestine to Jewish immigration due to the Arab revolt and international Arab pressure on Great Britain.
  • Jewish Brigade

    Jewish Brigad was formed as part of British forces.
  • Israel's Independence

    May 14 1948, was the end of British Mandate. Israel was invaded by five Arabs state. Israel Defense Forces the (IDF) established. The War of Independence.