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  • Oxygen

    here is where I got my information Joseph Priestly discovers oxygen and uses it in expiriments to determine its role in combustion. He works with others to develop "chemical nomenclature", or a system of naming chemical compounds, however he has not discovered the utter importance of oxygen. Later, Antoine Lavosoire discovers the absolute importance of oxygen.
  • Dalton

    here is where i got my is where i got my infoDalton formed atomic theory. Elements consisted on tiny particles called atoms. Atoms of different elements differ in size mass and other properties. Atoms cannot be subdivided or destroyed. Atoms of different elements can be combined to form compounds. Lastly, in chemical reactions atoms are combined, seperated or rearranged,
  • Electricity Transforms Chemicals

    info!Humphry Davy used an electric pile, which is called a bettery today, to seperate sodium chloride. This process is known as electolysis and Davy went on to seperate many more elements.
  • Vulcanization of Rubber

    info!Mr. Goodyear discovered that mixing rubber and sulfer and heating it, which the process is called vulcanization, made rubber thicker and stronger. This discovery impoved industry and we still use it today.
  • Chemical Structure

    info!Friedrich Kekule discovered the compund benzene's structure which brought chemical structure to the attention of other chemists, He noticed the "unusual structure" and conluded that carbon atoms and combine with four other atoms at a time.
  • Periodic Table

    Periodic Table
    here is where i got my pichere is where i got my informationLothar Meyers published a periodic table describing the placements of 28 elements arranging them in atomic weight. He also arranged them in 6 families according to there valence.
  • Radioactivity

    info!One of the most famous discoveries in chemistry was made by Marie Curie. In an experiment she was extracting uranium and uranium core and noticed the remains were more “active” than the other material. She concluded that the ore and uranium contain new elements that she called radioactive. Thanks to her, polonium and radium were discovered.
  • The Electron

    The Electron
    here is where i got my picinfo!J. J. Thom discoverd the electon portion of an atom when he notice the particals given off the cathode rayes were smaller than the actual atom. After dsicovering this he concluded there were electrons in an atom. He called the model the "plum pudding" modle because he thought electrons were embedded in the atom like plums were embedded in plum pudding.
  • Ernest Rutherford's diagram of the atom

    Ernest Rutherford's diagram of the atom
    here is where i got my picturehere is where i got my infoErnest thought that the atom had its positive charge in a small nucleus. He is credited for the first "splitting atom".
  • Electrons for Chemical Bonds

    Electrons for Chemical Bonds
    here is where i got my picturehere is where i got my infoBohr made his model of the atomic structure. The electrons travel around the nucleus and the number of electrons determines the chemical property of the element. Each electron has a specific path orbiting the nucleus.