John Q. Adams

Timeline created by Wallner
  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Braintree, Mass Born to Abigail Adams and Jon Adams
  • Trip to America

    Trip to America
    It was his fourth trip to America
  • Went to the Netherlands with his father.

    Went to the Netherlands with his father.
    Went to the Netherlands with his brother Charles and negotiated a loan
  • Attended school of Leyden

    Attended school of Leyden
    He went to school at Amsterdam, Holland and entered the university of Leyden
  • served as a secratary for his father

    served as a secratary for his father
    Went to Paris so could be a secretary for his Father.
  • Graduated from Harvard

    Graduated from Harvard
    Entered the study of law in office of Theophilus Parsons. And with a bachelors degree in arts.
  • Appointed to Minister the Netherlands

    Appointed to Minister the Netherlands
    President George Washington Appointed to Minister the Netherlands.
  • Marriage Date

    Marriage Date
    He got married to Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams in London, England. He got married at 30 and they were married for 50 years
  • Resumed law practice

    Resumed law practice
    He resumed law practice in 1801
  • Birth of first son

    Birth of first son
    George Washington Adams Was born in Berlin, Germany he only lived to be 28 and was lost at sea
  • Birth of 2nd son

    Birth of 2nd son
    John Adams was born in Washington D.C he only lived to be 31.
  • Professor At Harvard

    Professor At Harvard
    Was a professor of rhetoric and belles letters
  • Birth of 3rd son

    Birth of 3rd son
    Charles Francis Adams was born in Boston Mass and he lived to be 79 and he died in Boston Mass
  • Broke federalist party

    Broke federalist party
    Broke with the federalist party in his support of president Jefferson embargo act
  • Birth of first Daughter

    Birth of first Daughter
    Louisa Catherine Adams Born in st Petersburg, Russia only lived 1 year
  • Nominated to supreme court

    Nominated to supreme court
    Got nominated to the supreme court but it got declined.
  • Signed treaty of Ghent

    Signed treaty of Ghent
    On December 24,1814 President Madison sent a treaty to negotiate terms of peace with England and he had to sign it.
  • Appointed to Minister Great Britain

    Appointed to Minister Great Britain
    President James Madison appointed him to be the Minister of Great Britain
  • Secretary of state

    Secretary of state
    He was the secretary of state.
  • Death of mother

    Death of mother
    Abigail Adams died in Quincy, Mass
  • Inauguration

    He was inaugurated on march 4,1825 the oath was administered by Chief justice John Marshall. The inaugural ball was held in Carusi's assembly room
  • Death of Father

    Death of Father
    John Adams Died in Quincy, Mass
  • Retired to farm

    Retired to farm
    He retired to become a farmer
  • Death of First Son

    Death of First Son
    Goerge Washington Adams died when at sea
  • House of Representatives

    House of Representatives
    He became a member of the US house of representatives.
  • Ran for governor of Massachusetts

    Ran for governor of Massachusetts
    Unsuccessful on running for Governor as a nominee of Anti-Masonic party
  • Got Paralysis

    Got Paralysis
    He got paralysis in 1846 and was confined for four months
  • Death

    Died of a stroke in Washington D.C and is buried at first unitarian church Quincy, Mass
  • Second Paralysis Attack

    Second Paralysis Attack
    He had his second Paralysis Attack in the speakers room in the house of representatives.
  • Death of Wife

    Death of Wife
    Louisa Adams died 4 years after her husband.