John Dewey 20 Oct 1859 - 1 Jun 1952

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  • Early childhood schooling

    Early childhood schooling
    Dewey attended Burlington public schools. He excelled greatly as a student. When he was 15 years old he enrolled at University of Vermont where he studied philosophy under the tutelage of H.A.P. Torrey. He graduated 4 years later, second in his class.
  • Writings

    He wrote his first two books, Psychology and Leibniz New Essays Concerning the Human Understanding, when he was working at the University of Michigan. He has published over 1,000 pieces to include essays writings articles and books. His piece, The New Republic, establishes him as a highly regarded social commentator in his day.
  • His way of thinking

    His way of thinking
    Dewey believed that education should be based on the principle of learning through doing. He lectured on educational reform at schools all over the world. He did not skip on the value of learning about the past.
  • Politics

    Dewey attempted to help labor leaders establish a new political party, The People’s Party, for the 1948 presidential elections.
  • Citation

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