Jimmie Davis

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In History
  • James Houston Davis' Birth

    On September 11th, 1899, Jimmie Davis was born as James Houston Davis. He was born at Quitman near Beech Springs, Louisiana.
  • Commissioner of Public Safety

    In 1938, James Davis was elected as Shreveport's Commissioner of Public Safety.
  • You Are My Sunshine

    You Are My Sunshine
    Though the date is unknown, the popular song "You Are My Sunshine." was first recorded by Jimmie Davis in 1940.
  • His First Election

    In November of 1944, Jimmie Davis was first elected as the 47th governor of Louisiana.
  • Going High Hat

    Going High Hat
    Though the actual date is unknown, duriing a campaign stop in Shreveport, Davis was accused of "going high hat" because he would not sing. He decided to speak and then sing three or four songs. This strategy continued throughout his campaigns.
  • The Second Election

    In 1960, Davis was elected once more as Louisiana's governor. A term marked by struggles over civil rights and school desegregation. During this term, he built the Sunshine Brudge, the new Governor's Mansion and the Toledo Bend Reservoir.
  • The Completed Bridge

    The Completed Bridge
    The Sunshine Bridge was completed late in 1963, named after Davis' song "You Are My Sunshine."
  • The Passing of James Houston Davis

    Jimmie Davis died in his sleep at his Baton Rouge home on November 5th, 2000. He was 101 years old, and made public appearances until a few months before his departure.