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Timeline created by Dominick1
  • Birth of Jesse Owens

    Birth of Jesse Owens
    His parents were happy when Jesse was healtly. His parents loved him a lot.
  • How he got the new name.

    How he got the new name.
    How he got the name Jesse was from his teacher. The teacher understood what he said.
  • Careers

    Jesse's first job was at a gas station. He just wanted something to do and get out of the house.
  • schooling

    He was very good in grade school. He kept his grades up and never failed any classes.
  • goes to school

    Jesse LOVED school. He never wanted to give up going to school.
  • Where jesse vs. at and who he vs.

    Where jesse vs. at and who he vs.
    Jesse vs hitler. The race was very close. The good thing that was Jesse won the race.
  • farthest jump ever!!

    farthest jump ever!!
    Jesse had the longest jump in the world back in 1935. He jumped 27 1/2 feet.
  • How he became famous

    How he became famous
    Jesse got famous from setting a world record. He did that by practicing all the time even while studying for school.
  • Got married

    Got married
    Jesse got married to Minnie Ruth. Jesse had 3 kids of his own.
  • 1st quarter

    When the 1st quarter came it was like it went by so fast. The bad thing was that the last 3 quarters were very long.
  • Back to School!

    Back to School!
    He wanted to go to school because he wanted to learn more. He wanted to make new friends being at school.
  • Died

    When Jesse Owens died everyone came. The sad thing was everyone cried.
  • Was on TV!

    Was on TV!
    He was on TV because he set a lot of records for the state! Plus if they didn't know who he was they could just say.
  • statue!

    The state wanted a statue of Jesse owens. But they decided not to put one in.