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  • Adams elected

    John Adams was elected as a Federalist.
  • new congress elected

    Mostly Fedralists, elected by those angry at France.. Wanted to restrict the power of the other party. The Federalists' main philosophy was the growth of federal power. They were leceted because people were frustrated with the handling of the XYZ affair.
  • fedralists lose majority in congress

    People were frustrated with taxation to pay the potential war with France that never happened, and the controversial acts were allowed to expire or repeal.
  • Period: to

    French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

    Fought within France itself and with other European countires respectively.
  • Period: to

    Adams' presidentcy

  • Period: to

    XYZ affair

    Adams sent a delegation to Paris to negotiate about the war. Three french men, "X", "Y". and "Z", demanded bribes before the delegation could speak to the French Foreign Minister, Charles Maurie de Talleyrand. Also, they would have to apologize for anti-French statements and provide a loan for war.
    This event sparked controversy and opposiotion to France in the United States. Many called for war.
  • Period: to

    French Quasi-War

    Caused by maritime disputes. England and France were at war and America was supplying both sides. France saw this as a violation of the 1788 Treaty of Alliance, Ended by the signing of the Treaty of Montefonte.