Japenese and how they were treated not so long ago

Timeline created by tessa m. ekern
  • What set us in WWII

    What set us in WWII
    it 7 54 im doing normal rounds and then all of a sudden i see planes coming our way i kept looking trying to see why then i see japans symbol on the side they started bombing us. We sounded a alarm but it was all to fast and choatic many of my comrads feel.
  • No. 2525 was it justified

    No. 2525 was it justified
    http://www.nps.gov/tule/planyourvisit/upload/WWII_ JA_timeline_2010.pdf
    Our president Roosevelt signed a Proclamation No. 2525, my mommy said it was to take people who might harm us. I saw my friend taken away and couldn't understand why because he never hurt me before.
  • re-registration for accused enemy and where

    re-registration for accused enemy and where
    My whole family is waiting in line. We have to go through the process my grandparents had to because they want to make sure we are safe for america.
  • what signing order 9066 meant

    what signing order 9066 meant
    After the attack on japan many of my friends were rounded up i am afraid they will be taking my house away to this is because of thepresident. I tell my children we will be okay and that the military is just going to take us somewhere else safe, but i am so unsure myself.
  • Public law

    Public law
    my commander just told me that if anyone seems a threat that now by law we need to take care of them. I am not sure i find this right I remeber seeing some people as i grew up how could they be a threat? I see many violate the law and some dont in fear this has caused alot of panic.
  • volunteers that chose to fight

    volunteers that chose to fight
    The secratary just announced that they were taking volenteers from mainland and hawii to fight. I am ready to go through this process to fight and be proud of the country i live in. I know it will be difficult but i am rady for the challenge.
  • Are you really loyal?

    Are you really loyal?
    <a href='http://www.densho.org' >http://www.densho.org/learning/spice/lesson5/5reading5.asp</a
    I have just gone through questioning to see if i am loyal to my country or a land i know nothing about many of us are young but i am willing to fight even though i fear death.
  • D-Day!

    I am a general named Dwight D. Eisenhower i am leading my men on a crusade to fight the nazis. The day dragged on but we won Normandy in France and we marched 100,000 troops across europe to defeat Hitler.
  • What will the Supreme Court decide?

    What will the Supreme Court decide?
    I am on the Supreme court And we have discussed this subject long and hard but we will be heard. The case is coming to a closing and We decided that no one has the authority to detain a loyal american citizen.
  • Japennese become freed from camps

    Japennese become freed from camps
    After being here 12 long years i was a survivor out of some of 206,000 thousand brought here. My dad told me we will be okay and that we are finally going to be freed. I found when i was younger it was a lie when he said that we will go to a better place but after long years of being imprisoned i will live my life ide the camp known as Dachau.
  • VJ Day

    VJ Day
    I rejoice with my comrads and general it has been a long war and we finally won our victory over japan. Truman announced a threat they did not believe but in days they withdrew and gave us our victory after we dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and another on Nagasaki.