Japanese Americans

Timeline created by kinga
  • Pearl Harbor

    The humiliation that I felt was unbearable, but the fear was even worse. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was caused by my people. Why out of the Russians and Germans why my people, why the Japanese. I came to America to live the American dream, well the dream has become a nightmare.
  • President Roosevelt orders re-registration of suspected "enemy" aliens West

    I've done nothing wrong; I'd never hurt anyone in my life. I'm not a spy for anybody. I'm just a farmer I don't nkow anything about my harretage anyway.
  • President Roosevelt signed Executive Oder No. 9066

    He signed it I can’t believe he signed it. President Roosevelt sighed 9066. What would happen to me and my family now.
  • Secretary of War Henry Stimson announced plans to form an all-Japanese American Combat team to be made up of volunteers from both the mainland and Hawaii

    I can't fight why would they send me to fight. I have no exsperience with a gun or any combat. They're just sending us to be killed.
  • Hirabayashi v U.S. and Yasui v U.S : The Supreme Court rules that a curfew may be imposed against one group of Americans citizens based solely on ancestry and that Congress in enacting Public law 77-503 authorized the implementation of Executive Order 906

  • FBI warns against possession of cameras or guns by suspected "enemy" aliens.

  • June 6 D-Day

  • December 18 In ex parte Endo, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that WRA has no authority to detain a "concededly loyal" American citizen

  • April 29 442--All Japanese American Regiment frees prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camps

  • August 15 V-J Day