Japanese air raids on Northern Australia

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  • The bombing of Darwin

    19 Feb 1942- The Japanese begin the initial raid on Darwin. 242 Japanese aircraft attacked ships in Darwin's harbour and the town's two airfields in an attempt to prevent the Allies from using them as bases to contest the invasions of Timor and Java. The number of people killed during the 19 February raids is disputed, but it is believed 243 Australians were killed. The Allied navies largely abandoned the naval base at Darwin after the initial 19 February attack, dispersing most of their forces
  • Bombing of Broome

    3 March 1942-Two weeks after the Darwin bombing, Broome suffered Australia's second-worst air raid. The attack killed seventy people and injured another forty, as well as 8 large aircraft and 16 flying boats, 24 aircraft in total.
  • Bombing of Katherine

    22 March 1942-Nine Mitsubishi G4M1 "Betty" Japanese bombers appeared over Katherine at 12.20pm and circled the area. They then disappeared. They came back about a quarter of an hour later and dropped their bombs. The Japanese were hoping to find allied bombers at the Katherine airfield, which were not there. Only one man was killed and 3 injured. The raid on Katherine was the most southerly raid on Australia in World War 2.
  • Japans last major daylight attack

    25 April 1942- 24 bombers escorted by 15 fighters launched a daylight attack on Darwin, but the allies were ready and managed to shoot down 13 of the planes before the Japanese retreated. This later proved to be one of the most costly raids for Japan and they never tried another large scale attack during the day.
  • Bombing of townsville

    26 July 1942-Japanese four-engined flying boats made three attacks on the town and harbour. Two of the three attacks involved only a single aircraft, commanded by Sub Lieutenant Mizukura Kiyoshi. The raider’s bombs fell harmlessly into the harbour or onto the ranges behind the town. The last bomb of the final raid landed at the racecourse, breaking windows in nearby houses.
  • Raid on Darwin

    15 March 1943-The Japanese launched another of their many air raids. A large formation of over 20 Japanese bombers and twenty escorting fighters attacked the town and harbour facilities of Darwin. When the attack was finished the Japanese had lost seven aircraft with another seven probably damaged. Four Spitfires were lost with the loss of one pilot, Squadron Leader Thorold-Smith.
  • Raid on Darwin

    2 May 1943-During this raid a force of over 20 Japanese bombers and Zero fighters attacked Darwin, inflicting little damage on the ground. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) unit responsible for protecting the town, No. 1 Wing RAAF, intercepted the Japanese force after it had completed its attack, and suffered heavy losses from the Japanese fighters, aggravated by fuel shortages. This attack was the 54th Japanese airstrike over Australia.
  • The final attack

    12 November 1943- In the final Japanese attack, raids on Darwin, there were no casualties and only minor damage was caused around the town. In all, there were 64 air raids on Darwin. Japanese planes continued to fly several reconnaissance missions over Australia until 1944.
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    The Japanese air raids on Northern Australia

    The Japanese air raids on Northern Australia