Jane Goodall

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  • Jane Goodall Birth

    Jane Goodall Birth
    Jane Goodall is born April 3rd, 1934.
  • Divorce

    Her parents Vanne and Mortimer Morris-Goodall get a divorce.
  • Vacation in Africa

    Vacation in Africa
    Jane Goodall takes her first trip to Africa in 1957.
  • Begins Work

    Begins Work
    Goodall starts working with Louis Leaky at Olduvai Gorge.
  • The Beggining of Research

    The Beggining of Research
    Louis Leaky asks Jane to take on field sudy of chimpanzees.
  • Human-like Chimps?

    Human-like Chimps?
    Jane Goodall observes chimpanzees participating in human-like activities.
  • On the path of college!

    On the path of college!
    Jane attends the University of Cambridge to get her Ph.D.
  • Contribution to science.

    Contribution to science.
    She recieves the Franklin Burr Award for her contributions to science.
  • The first aticle

    The first aticle
    Jane Goodall's first article- "My Life Among the Chimpanzees" is published in the National Geographic Magazine in 1963.
  • Chimpanzee Babies

    Chimpanzee Babies
    Jane and her research team experience the birth of chimpanzees.
  • Married

    Jane marries Van Lawick on March 28th, 1964.
  • Ph.D.

    Jane recieves her Ph.D. in ethology. She becomnes the 8th person to recieve it without first having her Bachelor Degree.
  • Another Article

    Another Article
    National Geographic publishes another one of her articles, "New Discoveries in African Chimpanzees"
  • Big Movie Star!

    Big Movie Star!
    A film called "Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees" is released in theaters.
  • Chimps with Polio?

    Chimps with Polio?
    Fifteen Kasekela chimpanzees are aflicted with polio!
  • Jane has a child!

    Jane has a child!
    Jane Goodall has a baby, Hugo Eric Louis.
  • Her first book!

    Her first book!
    Jane Goodall wrote her first book in 1971, called "Shadow of a Man".
  • Jane Goodall Institute

    Jane Goodall Institute
    In San Fransisco. the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research Education and Conservation is opened for the first time.
  • "Life and Death at Gombe"

    "Life and Death at Gombe"
    Another article is published in the National Geographic magazine.
  • Awards, awards.awards!

    Awards, awards.awards!
    Jane recieves Order of the Golden Ark, the World Wildlife Award for Conservation.
  • Television Appearance

    Television Appearance
    Jane is on a show, "Among the Wild Chimpanzees"
  • Chimpanzees of Gombe

    Chimpanzees of Gombe
    "Chimpanzees of Gombe" is published, 1986.
  • Awards never end!

    Awards never end!
    She recieves the Albert Schweitzer award.
  • Another Institute

    Another Institute
    The Jane Goodall Institute is opened in London.
  • Academy Award

    Academy Award
    The HBO show, "Chimps like Us" is nomminated for an Academy Award.
  • Roots & Shoots

    Roots & Shoots
    The program Roots & Shoots is created in 1991.
  • Chimps have Babies!

    Chimps have Babies!
    In 1993, a video of a chimpanzee giving birth is posted online.
  • Society's Hubbard Award

    Society's Hubbard Award
    Jane Goodall recives National Geographic Society's Hubbard award. Due to her Distinction in Exploration, Discovery, and Research.
  • Relocating Chimps

    Relocating Chimps
    The Jane Goodall Institute in Uganda relocates 19 chimoanzees from over crowded sanctuaries.
  • A Spiritural Journey

    A Spiritural Journey
    "A Spiritural Journey" is published in 1999.
  • Hugo dies

    Hugo dies
    Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick, Jane's child dies in 1999.
  • Her husband dies

    Her husband dies
    Jane's husband Hugo van Lawick dies in 2001, shortly after her son dies.
  • Dame Jane Goodall

    Dame Jane Goodall
    She is invested as Dame of the British Empire by Prince Charles.
  • Nierenberg Prize

    Nierenberg Prize
    She recieves Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest.