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  • 1492

    the first time Europes know native American

    the first time Europes know native American
    1492 is the first time people come to this land and know native American, the first people come here is Christopher Columbus. Europe named this land "New world" they try to let people come here to have life, and they have a lot of war with native Americans.
  • America's place in the global struggle

    America's place in the global struggle
    France is the dominant power in Europe, but before American independent, they have a lot of war in Europe so France is losing influence. Then there was a revolution in 1776 that eventually led to the successful independence of the United States, which grew very rapidly.
  • Slavery

    Slavery was published in 1619, they can make a lot of money for those businessmen, and the “boss” can have free employees. they didn’t have free, they can’t have the life they want, most of them are keep doing this thing until they died, but some of them can be free. But although they free, but they still don't get the respect they deserve. At that time, slavery is deeply rooted in the United States.
  • cotton

    The cotton gin was not invented until the last decade of the 1700s. The new invention made the Southern United States the world's leading cotton producer.
  • diversified

    MICHEL-GUILLAUME DECRÈVECOEUR comes to American and he let us know American is a diversified country.
  • The declaration of independence

    The declaration of independence
    they say this at 04/07/1776
  • make rule

    make rule
    The Founding of the United States began with the First Continental Congress held in Philadelphia, and the Articles of Confederation were drafted and passed by Congress in November
  • A key period

    A key period
    A "critical period" for a new country. The country began to change because of the economic crisis. At the same time, different laws in different states made farmers unable to pay their debts, which eventually led to the first large-scale armed rebellion in the United States after the Revolution.
  • industrial revolution

    industrial revolution
    The beginning of the revolution is often attributed to SAMUEL SLATER, who opened the first industrial plant in the United States in 1790,
  • slavery was abolished

    slavery was abolished
    in this year American has abolished slavery, all of the black people can be free. this is a really important part to make what American looks like right now.
  • 1812 war

    1812 war
    The war against the Indian state, though inconclusive in itself, was a turning point in the history of the young Republic. after this war, the United States developed in a more distinctly American way
  • Colonial slaves

    Colonial slaves
    The first widely accepted solution to the problem of slavery was colonization
  • collapse

    The presidential election of 1824 marked the final collapse of the political framework of Republican federalism. For the first time, no candidate ran for federalist, while five major candidates ran for Democratic-Republican
  • Jackson elected

    Jackson elected
    Not only did Jackson receive almost 70 percent of the electoral college vote, but voter participation soared to an unprecedented 60 percent
  • independent

    On May 14, 1836, Santa Anna reluctantly recognized the independence of Texas

    Americans are heading west in droves. JOHN O 'Sullivan, the newspaper editor, created a "manifest destiny"
  • The 1860 election

    The 1860 election
    Lincoln nominated, but only 40% vote
  • American Civil War

    American Civil War
    Americans were killed by other Americans. One in 25 American soldiers are killed in combat

    The activist Congress also introduced a bill to prolong the life of the Liberal presidium and began work on the Civil Rights Bill
  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson became the first President to be an imP-shot.
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    US History: VHS Summer: Haoqing Miao

    this timeline starts from 1492 to 1877. they are talking about how's Europes, native American and black people come to make American.