Jack Curry-Life of Jack-4/24/19

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  • Fun with Hank

    Fun with Hank
    This dog was old but he was always picture ready. Every day was a fun day with this dog. Unless you had four legs. Running is your best option but he was very fast. But the way to his heart was with food. Especially butter. He had a bit of a butter addiction. He always watched everyone cook. If he could cook he would give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money. He was a good fighter in tug of war also. He was a man's best friend and I will always remember him.
  • My head hurts but i'm proud

    My head hurts but i'm proud
    This piping and the Taco vr25-2 circulator's were installed by me and my father. These suckers were so heavy and we wanted to install the top one first so we aren't standing over the other trying to install it. But it was nice smacking my head on that solid circulator when installing the bottom one. We got it done and they runs great.
  • Blood, Sweat, and Wrenches

    Blood, Sweat, and Wrenches
    This is a job me and my father did in a nursing home. We ripped all the huge boilers out and installed four new Aerco natural gas boilers. Three for heat and one for hot water.
  • HVAC with OCD

    HVAC with OCD
    All this piping that is clamped onto the hanging unistrut was done by me. Every pipe is an inch and a half apart. I used pro press fittings for all of it and it came out very nicely.
  • Meltdown

    This picture was a screenshot from a video I took of the first start of my nitro rc car that I fixed up. The engine began to run away and the connecting rod snapped. I wasn't pleased with the experience.
  • Goodbye for now

    Goodbye for now
    Hank was old and tired. He is in a better place now. Probably cooking himself something or eating a stick of butter right now up in doggie heaven. It was hard to let go because I had him all my life. The first time walking through the door after a long day and not having Hank there to greet me was hard to handle. That is why my mother went and grabbed Brodie in Pennsylvania.
  • Enlightenment

    One Saturday my mom came home and surprised my family and I with Brodie. He was a nice way to help me feel better after losing Hank. Having this tiny pup greet me everyday was a big mood lifter.
  • My bad

    My bad
    This was a boiler I worked on in boces class. The coil looks pretty terrible and the roll of solder running down the pipe is quite funny honestly.
  • Ghetto Tigerloop Fail

    Ghetto Tigerloop Fail
    I did this Tigerloop rip-off as a project in Boces class. I was rushed and because of it the oil line looks terrible. Still worked though.
  • I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job

    I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job
    This was a house I was sent to work on by the dispatcher. The driveway was lined with cars that don't run and the yard was filled with junk like the jack that is sitting there. The garage was filled with junk to the roof and only half the garage door was there. The house inside was scary. I didn't want to work in that place. Thank god it was a mistake by the dispatcher and it was the wrong house. Got lucky on that one.