Isaiah's Favorite School Year Memories

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  • My birthday

    This was my first year ever actually having school on my Birthday!
  • School Closure

    I like doing school better from home, so school closing was helpful for me but still scary for my family.
  • Movie time with Ms. O

    We watched a cool movie during a conference with Ms. O. It was called "Walking With Monsters." It was a super cool educational movie about animals in the old times.
  • Adversity Word Art

    I thought the Adversity Word Art from Mr. Caldwell's class was pretty cool to do.
  • End of school Kahoots

    We did a end of year Kahoot in Ms. O's and Ms. Jefferson's class. I really have fun doing Kahoots. I am excited to do the Kahoot in Mr. Caldwell's class as well.
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