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  • The iPod

    The iPod
    Apple introduces the 1st generation iPod. This new music playing device had the slogan, "1,000 songs in your pocket."
  • Second Generation iPod

    Second Generation iPod
    This iPod could be used with Windows computers or Macs, It could hold up to 4,000 songs.
  • Third Generation iPod

    Third Generation iPod
    This iPod was a thinner and lighter version and could hold up to 7,500 songs.
  • iPod mini

    iPod mini
    Apple introduces the iPod mini, available in five different colors.
  • iPod 4th generation (U2 Special Edition)

    iPod 4th generation (U2 Special Edition)
    This iPod is just a different color and comes with downloadable music from the band U2.
  • iPod Nano

    iPod Nano
    iPod Nano is introduced to replace the iPod Mini.
  • 5th Generation iPod

    5th Generation iPod
    This iPod could display photos and play videos in addition to music.
  • iPod shuffle

    iPod shuffle
    iPod shuffle introduced
  • iPod Touch (First Generation)

    iPod Touch (First Generation)
    Apple introduces the iPod Touch, which came with a multimedia interface and added WiFi capability.
  • iPod Touch (Retina Display)

    iPod Touch (Retina Display)
    This iPod touch features a sharper display and HD video recording.
  • iPod Touch 5th generation

    iPod Touch 5th generation
    This one has a bigger screen and is faster then the previous model.
  • My future prediction

    My future prediction is that they will make an iPod that will do your homework for you, make your breakfast, take you to school and teaching you everything you know without going in the classroom.
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