Inventions and Society

Timeline created by Finster94
  • Telescope

    The invention was made to help make objects seem closer in order to view them from a distance aways by using mirrors. This invention changed the minds of man on the universe and thier worldaround them. The telescopenot only helped with the study of optics, but
  • Threshing Machine

    Threshing Machine
    It seperated grain from stalks and it used to take hours and hundereds of workers. When it became popular, it limited work which lead to poverty and starvation
  • Steam Locomotive

    Steam Locomotive
    This is a train that is powered by steam from burning coal, wood, or water. It made trade faster and it linked people across America.
  • Short Wave Radio

    Short Wave Radio
    This radio was used to broadcast shows on radio dramas and long distance communication to ships, airplanes, and other remote areas during war. People were able to communicate throughout the war and it helped the military communicate plans and enemy updates.
  • Artificial Heart

    Artificial Heart
    The artificial heart was made to replace a regular heart in case people didn't get a donor heart transplantation in time.