Timeline created by RachelAJohnson
  • Refracting Telescope

    Refracting Telescope
    Hans Lippershey invents the first refracting telescope. It has an optical telescope that uses lenses to form an image. It is significant because it helped us see into outer space and got us first to realize what was out there. It changed society because it helped create new jobs with astronomy.
  • The Lighting Rod

    The Lighting Rod
    The lighting rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin. It was put on top of buildings one part faced the sky and the other end attached to a cable which stretched down the side of the house so lighting wouldn’t hit the house. It changed society because it saved a lot of house fires, and because it proved that lighting is electricity.
  • Coffee Pot

    Coffee Pot
    Benjamin Thompson created the coffee pot. This was used to brew coffee for people in an easy maner. It changed society because people could get coffee quicker and create new jobs for people who wanted to open coffee stores. It also kept people awake so people could stay up later doing work and wake up early to go back to work,
  • Airplane

    The Wright Brothers created the first airplane. This was used to fly from one place to the next. This changed society because it got other inventers to think of better was to make an airplane and now we can travel half way across the world in less time than it would have taken in centuries ago.
  • usb Flash Drive

    usb Flash Drive
    Amir Ban, Dov Moran and Oron ogdan invented the flash drive. This stores data from the computer and with this you can transfer documents and pictures from one computer to another one. They are similar to floppy disks or CD- Roms but are smaller. This changed society because now it is easier to do work on the computer without having to worry about viruses deleting your work or which computer you did what on.